Nirvana: Compilations

Sub Pop 200
1988     [summary]     3xLP / CD

w/ "Spank Thru"

The box set was released in 1988, but CD versions weren't released until 1990.

Sub Pop Rock City
1988     [summary]     LP

w/ "Spank Thru"

Teriyaki Asthma, Volume I
1989     [details]     7"

w/ "Mexican Seafood"

Hard To Believe: A KISS Covers Compilation
1990     [summary]     LP / 2xLP / CS / CD

w/ "Do You Love Me?"

Two versions of artwork.

Kill Rock Stars
1991     [summary]     LP / CD

w/ "Beeswax"

The Grunge Years
1991     [summary]     CS / CD

w/ "Dive"

Sub Pop Video Network Program 1
1991     [details]     VHS

w/ "In Bloom"

Heaven And Hell: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground, Volume One
1991     [summary]     LP / CD

w/ "Here She Comes Now"

Two versions.

Teriyaki Asthma, Vols. I-V
1992     [summary]     2xLP / CS / CD

w/ "Mexican Seafood"

Eight Songs For Greg Sage And The Wipers
1992     [details]     4x7"

w/ "Return Of The Rat"

Fourteen Songs For Greg Sage And The Wipers
1993     [details]     CD

w/ "Return Of The Rat"

The Beavis And Butt-head Experience
1993     [summary]     LP / CS / CD

w/ "I Hate Myself And Want To Die"

No Alternative
1993     [summary]     CS / CD

w/ "Sappy"

Two versions of cover artwork.

DGC Rarities Vol. 1
1994     [summary]     CD

w/ "Pay To Play"

Geffen Rarities Vol. 1
1994     [summary]     LP / CD

w/ "Pay To Play"

Fifteen Minutes: Fifteen Minutes: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground
1994     [details]     CD

w/ "Here She Comes Now"

Home Alive: The Art Of Self Defense
1996     [summary]     2xCS / 2xCD

w/ "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" (live)

Fender 50th Anniversary Guitar Legends
1996     [summary]     CD

w/ "Come As You Are"

1996     [details]     4x7"

w/ "Negative Creep"

The Birth Of Alternative Vol. 1
  1998     [summary]     CS / CD

w/ "Blew" / "Love Buzz" / "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"

Cobain and Novoselic appear on Mark Lanegan's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night."

The Birth Of Alternative Vol. 2
  1998     [summary]     CS / CD

w/ "About A Girl" / "Down In The Dark"

Cobain sings back-up vocals on Mark Lanegan's "Down In The Dark."

SNL: The Musical Performances, Volume 2
1999     [summary]     CD

w/ "Rape Me" (live)


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