DGC Rarities Vol. 1
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  Released on June 5, 1994.  "Pay To Play," an early version of "Stay Away," is included.

(Items with this title appear to be mostly North American releases, while the items sold overseas are titled Geffen Rarities Vol. 1.)

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  · Geffen Rarities Vol. 1 (1994)

 Format   Label   Catalog #   Origin   Official
 CS   DGC   DGCC-24704   USA   Y
 CD   DGC   DGCBD-24704   Canada   Y
 CD   DGC   DGCD-24704   USA   Y
 CD   DGC   DGCD-24704 DJ   USA   Y
 CD   DGC   DGCD-A-24704   USA   Y


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