The Birth Of Alternative Vol. 2
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  Released in 1998.  Besides being a Nirvana-related compilation ("About A Girl"), this also qualifies as a side project for Cobain since he sings back-up vocals on Mark Lanegan's "Down In The Dark."

t r a c k l i s t
  1. Nirvana - About A Girl
  2. Mudhoney - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
  3. Love Battery - Between The Eyes
  4. Mark Lanegan - Down In The Dark
  5. Screaming Trees - Change Has Come
  6. Afghan Wigs - Retard
  7. Seaweed - Go Your Own Way
  8. TAD - 3-D Witch Hunt
  9. Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick
  10. Hole - Burn Black
r e l a t e d   r e l e a s e s
  · The Birth Of Alternative Vol. 1 (1998 compilation)

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