The Grunge Years
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n o t e s
  Released in 1991.  "Dive" is included.

The American CD release has text on the front insert that indicates a total of 500,000 copies were released, but we don't know if that is a joke or if the cassette format is part of of that figure.

See below for a review.

t r a c k l i s t
  1. Nirvana - Dive
  2. L7 - Shove
  3. Tad - Stumblin' Man
  4. Beat Happening - Red Head Walking
  5. Mark Lanegan - Ugly Sunday
  6. Screaming Trees - Change Has Come
  7. The Fluid - Tomorrow
  8. Afghan Wigs - Retarded
  9. Babes In Toyland - House
  10. Mudhoney - Come To Mind
  11. The Walkabouts - Long Black Veil
  12. Love Battery - Between The Eyes
  13. Dickless - Saddle Tramp
r e l a t e d   r e l e a s e s
  · Sliver (1990 single)

 Format   Label   Catalog #   Origin   Official
 CS   Sub Pop   SP112a   USA   Y
 CD   Sub Pop   SP112b   USA   Y
 CD   Sony   SRCS5864   Japan   Y
 3xCD   Sub Pop   n/a   USA   Y
  Grunge Valu-Pak -- not an actual box set.

r e v i e w
  By Brett Robinson (originally for Opinion magazine)
  • "In 1991, Sub Pop began making a move to cash in on the 'grunge' explosion of that year and the following year.  Not necessarily a bad move.  TAD, Beat Happening, and Nirvana all released new albums that year, and they all secured a spot on Sub Pop's The Grunge Years compilation.  Like most of Sub Pop's comps, this one is a great disc.  It features 13 bands and 13 songs, not one of which is worth skipping over.

    "Nirvana starts the disc off with 'Dive,' the same one found on Incesticide.  It seems a little weaker on this disc than on Incesticide, it was probably remixed for that album.  L7 follows with one of their best songs, 'Shove.'  The studio version is extremely weak when compared to the live version, but it is still an amazing song.  TAD, in all their heavy glory, are next with their song 'Stumblin' Man,' which also appears on Sub Pop Video Network Program 1.  TAD is a lot more heavier than most of the other bands on this comp.  They have more in common with the Melvins than Nirvana.  Calvin Johnson's amazing band Beat Happening has 'Red Head Walking' (a video for this is on another of the Sub Pop Video Networks I believe).  Beat Happening takes a lot of getting used to, but once you get into them, there is no getting out.

    "Mark Lanegan sure hogs this disc, first with a song from his genius Winding Sheet album, 'Ugly Sunday,' then with a song from his band Screaming Trees 'Change Has Come.'  Mark's voice is one of the best around, truly a singing rarity.  Both songs are great.  If you haven't picked up The Winding Sheet, go buy it.  Arguably the best Sub Pop album released in 1990.  The Fluid, a total stereo-typical 'grunge' band, blasts through 'Tomorrow.'  The ever-amazing Afghan Whigs perform 'Retarded.'  The song is the polar opposite of the title.  Another of the more beautiful songs on this disc.

    "The now-defunct Babes In Toyland shout out 'House.'  Kat Bjelland is probably the greatest female screamers I have ever heard.  She can scream and still have a feminine voice, sounds great.  The legendary Mudhoney have 'Come to Mind' (which is available on their self-titled disc).  The Walkabouts, probably the only band to mix REM-college-rock and a little country music, serenade you with 'Long Black Veil,' another of this album's beauties.  Love Battery, another typical grunge band, belt out 'Between The Eyes,' which sounds strikingly similar to REM's 'What's The Frequency Kenneth?'  Dickless, a great name for an all-female band, finishes the CD (and gives you a wonderful headache) with 'Saddle Tramp.'

    "Sub Pop put together a great CD, cashing in on the 'grunge' movement and putting out great music, like they always do.  Sub Pop's latest cash-in effort was the far-superior HYPE! soundtrack.  Though, it was superior by the fact that it had more songs on it, it also should not be missed.  Pick up both of those comps and sit back and relax and seduce yourself."


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