17 Nussbaum Road, 1st Experience

Small Clone (SC-NR-035)
17 Nussbaum Road (house party) - Raymond, WA United States 03-??-87
KAOS Olympia Community Radio - Olympia, WA United States 04-17-87
Total CD Time 75:31 / 18 Tracks
Matrix: SC-NR-035
Additional Artwork
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1) Downer (Soundcheck) 5:50
2) Aero Zeppelin 6:17
3) If You Must 8:37
4) Heartbreaker (Jam) 3:00
5) How Many More Times (Jam) 1:46
6) Mexican Seafood 2:57
7) Pen Cap Chew 5:38
8) Spank Thru 6:02
9) Hairspray Queen 5:55
10) Love Buzz 4:03
11) Floyd The Barber 2:34
12) Downer 2:26
13) Pre-Mexican Seafood noise 0:14
14) Mexican Seafood 2:11
15) White Lace And Strange 2:06
16) Spank Thru
17) Hairspray Queen 4:55
18) Pen Cap Chew 4:31
17 Nussbaum Road, 1st Experience

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  95%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This has to be one of the more interesting reviews I've written for the Nirvana Bootography. In late December of 2001 First Live Show made it's appearance on the market and was an instant hit with collectors. It contained the 3/??/87 house party show that was mentioned in Charles Cross' book "Heavier Then Heaven" and was the type of disc that many bootleg collectors live for.

In early March of 2002, 17 Nussbaum Road, 1st Experience began being distributed in Japan. This CD is an exact clone of First Live Show. The most interesting thing about the CD from my perspective is that the manufacturers clearly referenced the Nirvana Bootography before releasing the title (I have no idea who is behind it). The tracklisting, including the songs marked with (Jam) were taken verbatim from the First Live Show tracklisting in the Nirvana Bootography, including track 13 which I labeled as "Pre-Mexican Seafood noise".

In question is the discs "Small Clone" label. Small Clone is among the most revered Nirvana bootleg labels and produced many of the rarest and most sought after titles to date. Now, many years since their last release, another Small Clone disc has suddenly appeared. Are the same person(s) behind this disc as the previous Small Clone titles? I don't know.

Here are the similarities:
1. They are Japanese
2. One panal Cover (typical of Japanese boots)
3. Same catalog scheme (SC-NR-XXX).

Here are the differences:
1. Different paper stock
2. Different matrix
3. No Chim-Chim logo
4. Catalog does not resume numeric sequence
5. Image on the disc, inside of inlay, and back of cover (Small Clone discs were always very plain).
6. Small Clone never released a "Clone" disc in the past

We will learn over the next year or two how limited this title is. For now, there will be many collectors trying to pick up this CD simply because it's labeled as a Small Clone. There is a good chance that whoever released this CD is a frequent reader of the Nirvana Bootography and labeled the CD as such because they knew Small Clone is/was such a good label.

Since this disc IS a clone of First Live Show, the rating is a few points below the original CD. While it does have a corrected track list, it still loses points because it's a clone. It also loses points because the one-panal cover is a bit flimsy and *barely* stays in a regular CD case; the packaging just isn't quite as nice as First Live Show.

So there you have it. The Nirvana Bootography has officially had some impact on the Nirvana bootleg world. We have also learned that a commercially released clone can hit the markets in 3 months time with all new artwork.

Mr./Miss Small Clone, if you are out there reading this, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to chat and possibly get a few answers about this disc.

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