Nirvana: Documentaries and Home Videos

Sub Pop Video Network Program 1
1991     [summary]     VHS

A compilation of music videos.

1991: The Year Punk Broke
  1993     [summary]     VHS / LD

A documentary by David Markey detailing life on the road with Sonic Youth and Nirvana during their 1991 tour of Europe.

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!
1994     [summary]     VHS / LD

A collection of performances, interviews, and home video footage.

The History Of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 9 (Punk)
  1995     [details]     VHS

A ten-part TV documentary that was also released commercially.

1998     [summary]     VHS

"Tracing the steps of grunge from its subversive inception in neighborhood basements to its global rise to the multi-million dollar pop culture phenomenon, Hype! incorporates hilarious interviews with rare concert footage of bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and the The Melvins.  Filmed over three years in 24 track digital sound, Hype! casts a discriminating look on how the fuse was lit on the nothwest rock explosion."

Kurt & Courtney
1998     [summary]     VHS / LD / DVD

A controversial documentary.

Teen Spirit. The Tribute To Kurt Cobain
2001     [details]     DVD



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