Into The Black - Disc 5 & 6 - The Last American Show

Tribute (TR 105 / TR 106)
Compilation / Various
Seattle Center Arena - Seattle, WA United States 01-08-94
Disc 1 - Total CD Time 72:32 / 19 Tracks
          Matrix: LNA-23512 9302K1
Disc 2 - Total CD Time 73:31 / 19 Tracks
          Matrix: LNA-23513 60298XK1
Additional Artwork
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Disc 1
1) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 5:16
2) Drain You 4:10
3) Breed 3:20
4) Serve The Servants 3:49
5) Come As You Are 3:24
6) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:34
7) Sliver 2:21
8) Dumb 2:52
9) In Bloom 4:18
10) About A Girl 2:49
11) Lithium 4:33
12) Pennyroyal Tea 3:51
13) School 3:00
14) Polly 3:25
15) Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle 3:53
16) Milk It 3:46
17) Rape Me 2:44
18) Territorial Pissings 6:29
19) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 3:58
Disc 2
1) The Man Who Sold The World 5:32
2) All Apologies 3:47
3) Scentless Apprentice 3:51
4) On A Plain 3:19
5) Heart-Shaped Box 5:25
6) Blew 7:26
7) Love Buzz 3:18
8) About A Girl 2:40
9) Polly 2:38
10) Spank Thru 3:17
11) Son Of A Gun 2:47
12) Molly's Lips 1:50
13) D-7 3:45
14) Turnaround 2:16
15) Dumb 2:35
16) Drain You 4:03
17) Endless, Nameless 6:21
18) Endless, Nameless 2:22
19) Courtney's Eulogy 6:19
Into The Black - Disc 5 & 6 - The Last American Show

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  95%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
Discs five and six get a mixed review because a few of the tracks are defective. The defective tracks only affect the John Peel Sessions, so the show escapes unscathed. It appears that Tribute source for the Peel sessions had errors that make the tracks "click" or leave a split second of silence.

The show that is split between the discs in only available in this box set. It's an excellent recording from an open mic source. The crowd can be heard, but doesn't interfere too badly. The set list, while long, doesn't contain any rare performances. The band appears to be "on" and is more lively than usual. It's nice to have a complete show, especially hearing the band play before it's "home crowd."

The final track is Courtney's eulogy. It's a perfectly clear recording, but can be found on several bootleg discs. It's the type of thing you'll only listen to once.

The John Peel sessions are a shame. An excellent, almost perfect, box set is marred by this error. The good news is that these tracks can be obtained in their entirety on "The Eternal Legacy" as well as many other discs. "The Eternal Legacy" is the best place to replace these and get the '91 Del Mar show at the same time.

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Mislabels - Disc 2 :
"Son Of A Gun" Labeled As "Turn Around"
"D-7" Labeled As "Dementa 7"
"Turnaround" Labeled As "Pretty Scary"
"Endless, Nameless" Labeled As "Here I Am"
"Endless, Nameless" Labeled As "Meltdown"

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