How All Started..

Extended Records (1713-14)
Compilation / Various
Total CD Time 72:48 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: V3473 VAN1 / C
Additional Artwork
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1) Mexican Seafood 2:50
2) Beeswax 1:53
3) Pen Cap Chew 3:10
4) Mr. Moustache 3:39
5) Paper Cuts 3:50
6) Mexican Seafood 2:32
7) If You Must 2:45
8) Blandest 4:04
9) Downer 1:42
10) Floyd The Barber 2:14
11) Spank Thru 3:35
12) Do You Love Me 3:26
13) Been A Son 2:20
14) D-7 2:28
15) Stay Away (Pay To Play) 3:22
16) 5:24
17) Return Of The Rat 2:58
18) Hairspray Queen 4:08
19) If You Must 4:09
20) 5:11
21) Blew 2:46
22) Dazed And Confused 4:22
How All Started..

Nirvana Bootography Rating: F  54%
Average Reader Rating: 40%
Reader Reviews

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc was put out by a company that knew next to nothing about Nirvana. Almost 1/3 of the tracks are mislabeled. The treble must have been set very high when this recording was produced. All the high end tones make the sound a bit hard on the ears at times, the recording almost "squeals" in some places. There are a few duplicate songs and there is nothing on this CD you can not already get in superior quality on the "Outcesticide" series or other compilations. The fold-out cover is a little nicer than what you would expect, so the rating is kept above 50% (still failing). It's recommended that you avoid this disc.

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"Mexican Seafood" Labeled As "Aero Zeppelin"
"Mexican Seafood" Labeled As "Tell Me"
"If You Must" Labeled As "Pen Cop Chew (Take2)"
"D-7" Labeled As "Dementia 7"
"Stay Away" Labeled As "Downer (Take2)"
"" Labeled As "Mexican Seafood"
"If You Must" Labeled As "The Extreme"

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