Red Devil Music (RED-8)
Ku-Ba - Hanau Germany 11-18-89
Total CD Time 44:06 / 12 Tracks
Matrix: RED-8 (126641 R0C)
Additional Artwork
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1) School 2:38
2) Scoff 4:09
3) Love Buzz 3:51
4) Floyd The Barber 2:41
5) Dive 4:01
6) Big Cheese 5:24
7) Molly's Lips 2:52
8) Spank Thru 3:48
9) About A Girl 3:19
10) Mr. Moustache 3:47
11) Breed 4:48
12) Negative Creep 2:42

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  94%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc has the second best sound of any Bleach Era show (second to 11-22-89). Unfortunately the "screaming intro" has been cut, there is some subtle editing between some tracks, and the last song performed is missing. You can find the complete unedited show on "Mr. Kurdt Kobain", unfortunately, the sound quality is quite a few generations down the line.

The show is fairly plain. Mr. Moustache is a nice feature, but overall this is about as plain as an '89 set list can be. This disc is a little tougher to find than "Mr. Kurt Kobain", but most collectors won't mind. Either disc is recommended, and both are very solid. Some collectors will appreciate the high quality soundboard recording found on "Deep". The editing is not very noticeable because it gets so quiet between songs. The editing occurs in only a couple of places and doesn't and won't bother most people.

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