The Demos

PCX Records (PCX 71)
Raji's - Hollywood, CA United States 02-15-90
Total CD Time 64:25 / 18 Tracks
Matrix: MADE IN KOREA HAC-9230 T102-14314 <01>
Additional Artwork
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1) Blandest 3:50
2) Spank Thru 3:11
3) Downer 1:38
4) Hairspray Queen 3:57
5) Mexican Seafood 1:52
6) School 3:23
7) Floyd The Barber 2:16
8) Love Buzz 3:24
9) Dive 3:36
10) Spank Thru 3:42
11) Breed 3:12
12) Scoff 5:06
13) About A Girl 2:57
14) Molly's Lips 3:18
15) Been A Son 2:01
16) Stain 2:48
17) Negative Creep 2:55
18) Blew 3:48
19) Polly 2:49
20) Seed 2:11
21) Sappy 2:20
The Demos

Nirvana Bootography Rating: B+  89%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This release features the entire 02-15-90 show in addition to some demos from 1988 . The 02-15-90 show is a good sounding audience recording of an early club show where the group puts on a great performance. The audience can be heard shouting requests in between the songs but get drowned out once the band starts playing again. The band also sounds in good spirits during this show as they play around with the crowd and put a bit more energy than usual into their performance.

The demos are all of decent quality and provide good filler to the disc. As a result, this title probably gives the best value content-wise of any other release containing this show. The only negative aspect of this disc is the fact that it doesn't have much artwork.

Overall, this is a good disc to pick up if you want to have a good early show where the band plays some of the rarities like Molly's Lips and Stain.

Note: The Alternative CD & Vinyl Collectors Guide claims that this disc is unplayable due to severe cd rot and should be avoided. However, my disc played absolutely fine with no clicks or problems.

* Review and scans donated by Ryan of the DN forums.

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"Mexican Seafood" Labeled As "Mexican Seaweed"
"Seed" Labeled As "Molly's Lips"
"Sappy" Labeled As "Everything & Nothing"

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