Nirvana: Test Pressings
For every item that was released there was most likely a test pressing made.  For example, it's been said that Sub Pop usually made anywhere from a handful to a dozen test pressings for each release.  Links on this page represent the items that we know of so far.

 Year   Format   Label   Catalog #   Title
 1988   7"   Sub Pop   SP23  
 1989   LP   Sub Pop   SP34  
 1989   LP   Waterfront   DAMP-114  
 1990   12"   Tupelo   TUPEP 25  
 1991   7"   Sub Pop   SP97A / SP97B  
 1991   12"   Tupelo   TUPEP 25  
 1991   7"   DGC/Geffen   n/a  
 1992   12"   DGC   DGCT-7A/B  
 1992   4x7"   Tim Kerr Records   n/a  
 1993   10"   Tim Kerr Records   n/a  
 1994       Geffen   n/a  



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