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t y p e   Test Pressing
l a b e l   DGC/Geffen
c a t a l o g  #   n/a
f o r m a t   7"
l e n g t h    
m a d e  i n   Australia
r e l e a s e d  i n   n/a
r e l e a s e d   1991

q u a n t i t y
a v a i l a b i l i t y
  Out of print.

n o t e s
  This item is a test pressing of a once planned two-pack of 7" picture discs.  (Two records were needed so that all songs from Nevermind could be included.)  Side One depicts the famous baby artwork from the Nevermind cover.  Side Two has a blurry band photo and the titles of six songs from the album ("Territorial Pissings," "Drain You," "Lounge Act," "Stay Away," "On A Plain," and "Something In The Way").

Joris adds:

  • "It is very thick plastic and does NOT contain Nirvana music, which is 'normal' for a test pressing."

s o u r c e s
  Joris Baas


Digital Nirvana