Nirvana: Songs In Movies & Soundtracks
There are numerous TV shows and movies with Nirvana connections, however this section is not intended to be a list of all pop references to the band.  (If that's what you are looking for, I believe NFC has such a list.)  Additions to this section will only be accepted if the material has been commercially released in some way and Nirvana is performing the song.

However, if a band covers Nirvana and the song is used in a movie without being on the soundtrack, the item will be listed in the Covers and Tributes section.

Information on Natural Born Killers is now in the Kurt Cobain section.  The movie contains "Spread Eagle Beagle," a Melvins song that Cobain produced.

Mad Love
1995     [summary]     VHS / LD / DVD

"Love Buzz" (1:36 of the Bleach version) is played fifty seconds into the movie.  The song was not part of the soundtrack, though.

Hype!: Surviving The Northwest Rock Explosion - The Motion Picture Soundtrack
1996     [summary]     CD

"Negative Creep" (from Bleach) is included.  (There is also a box set with songs from the documentary.)



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