Feedback Mentality

Small Clone (SC-NR-008)
Seattle Center Coliseum (WMIC Benefit) - Seattle, WA United States 09-11-92
Total CD Time 72:14 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: SC-NR-008 23925X IFPI L602
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1) Aneurysm 4:50
2) School 2:47
3) Sliver 2:33
4) In Bloom 4:57
5) Come As You Are 4:09
6) Lithium 4:19
7) About A Girl 3:00
8) tourette's 1:57
9) Polly 2:50
10) Lounge Act 3:05
11) Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:47
12) On A Plain 3:10
13) Negative Creep 3:04
14) All Apologies 4:06
15) Been A Son 2:17
16) Blew 3:53
17) Dumb 2:36
18) Rape Me 2:30
19) Stay Away 3:23
20) Love Buzz 3:28
21) Territorial Pissings 3:33
Feedback Mentality

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  93%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
Feedback Mentality is a rare Japanese disc on the Small Clone label. It was the first disc released with the 9/11/92 show (the other is "Banned For Life"). "Banned For Life" is the recommended disc of the two.

"Feedback Mentality" has a several pressing and editing errors including a 1 second sound drop-out after "Blew", a sound stutter during the first second of "Rape Me", a small sound error during "Lithium" just before the 3:00 mark, and the sound drops out for a second at the end of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." None of these errors occur on "Banned For Life." While the mention of these errors sounds bad, the overall effect is easily overcome by the good attributes of this show.

This disc is missing the first two songs of the performance ("Breed" and "Drain You"), both of which are on "Banned For Life." The demolition at the end is also much shorter than the one found on "Banned For Life."

The sound quality is comparable between "Feedback Mentality" and "Banned For Life" (excellent crisp audience recording). "Banned For Life" has been well edited, and much of the banter that goes on between songs is missing, but it is nearly impossible to detect. This between-song talk can be heard on Feedback Mentality, as well as a couple of places where the taper stops recording.

Regardless of which version you find, the show is excellent and is something every Nirvana bootleg collector should own. "Feedback Mentality" has quite a few minor errors, but stays true to the recording and doesn't edit out the tapers mistakes. Get this show in whatever format you find it. Read the "Banned For Life" review for more commentary on the performance.

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"In Bloom" Labeled As "In Broom"

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Seattle Center Coliseum (WMIC Benefit) - Seattle, WA United States 09-11-92
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