In Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain"

Small Clone (SC-NR-001 / SC-NR-002)
Compilation / Various
Let It Be Records - Minneapolis, MN United States 10-14-91
Disc 1 - Total CD Time 62:49 / 20 Tracks
          Matrix: SC-NR-001 50198X6 L601
Disc 2 - Total CD Time 65:08 / 18 Tracks
          Matrix: SC-NR-002 69916X IFPI L601
Additional Artwork
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1) Son Of A Gun
2) Molly's Lips
3) D-7
4) Sliver
5) Dive
6) Lithium
7) In Bloom
8) Breed
9) Stay Away (Pay To Play)
10) Sappy
11) D-7
12) Love Buzz
13) About A Girl
14) Polly
15) In Bloom
16) If You Must
17) Hairspray Queen
18) Love Buzz
19) About A Girl
20) Polly ((not listed on inlay))
Disc 2
1) Dumb
2) About A Girl
I Feel Fine
3) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
4) Been A Son
5) Something In The Way
6) Negative Creep
7) Opinion
8) Love Buzz
9) Floyd The Barber
10) Scoff
11) Anorexorcist
12) Raunchola
Moby Dick
13) Breed
14) Sacrifice
15) Way Of The World
16) Scratch It Out
17) Bikini Twilight
18) Eighties
In Memory Of

Nirvana Bootography Rating: D-  60%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
I spent WAAAAAY too long documenting where the songs on this compilation came from. Disc one gets an "F minus" because it is a horrible compilation disc containing common and/or generated tracks. It's a piece of garbage that would be looked upon as a joke amongst collectors except that it's on the revered Small Clone label.

Disc 2 is better -- not great, but better. Disc two almost pulls off the complete 10/14/91 in-store gig and has some interesting Melvana tracks that you won't find on other CDs. If it can't be "great", at least disc two tries to be "different".

The only people who will want to own this expensive double CD set are folks trying to collect everything put out on the Small Clone label. I'm being kind to give this set a 60% rating (D minus). You would expect better from a disc that claims to be "MORE EXCITING THAN OUTCESTICIDE!". At least the cover is unique.


Disc 1:
1. Son Of A Gun
2. Molly's Lips

Both of these can be found on Incesticide. I haven't a clue why they were included, the disc was created years after Incesticide was released.

3. D-7
Sounds generated

4. Sliver
Sounds slightly generated. You can hear a quick "beep" before the band starts playing.

5. Dive
Somewhat generated, can be found on Incesticide.

6. Lithium (Mix 6)
This is the same mix that can be found on the Outcesticide II disc with the overdriven drums except that it ends abruptly and is incomplete. Get this track from the Into The Black box set!

7. In Bloom
8. Breed
9. Stay Away (Pay To Play)
10. Sappy

Generated sound quality from the Nevermind demos in April of 1990. Stay Away (Pay To Play) is cut halfway through the song.

11. D-7
This was likely ripped off of the first Outcesticide disc - BBC Session 10/21/90 - This is an incomplete "test mix" that somehow leaked out to collectors and is somewhat useless. It starts with the song in progress... the engineer removes the guitars and changes the equalization... then it ends abruptly. The final mix, which should have been included here instead, was released officially on the European "Lithium" single and on the "Hoarmoaning" EP

12. Love Buzz
13. About A Girl
14. Polly

These tracks come from the October 26, 1989 Maide Vaile Studios session. They are generated and can be found in better quality on the Complete Radio Sessions disc.

15. In Bloom
Generated sound quality from the Nevermind demos in April of 1990.

16. IF You Must
Generated sound quality and VERY slowed down.

17. Hairspray Queen
Surprise! A generated recording of something you can get off of Incesticide.

18. Love Buzz
19. About A Girl
20. Polly

These are the same tracks and session as 12, 13, and 14 only more generated!

Disc 2:
1. Dumb
2. About A Girl (I Feel Fine jam)
3. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
4. Been A Son
5. Something In The Way
6. Negative Creep

This is something you won't find on many commercial bootlegs. The first 6 tracks are the almost complete 10/14/91 in-store gig. They are lacking the first song "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" which is missing from some sources of this show.

7. Opinion
As noted on the inlay, this is the "clear" version... as opposed to the other generated crap this title pushes on us. It lacks the preceding conversation so no bonus points are gained here.

8. Love Buzz
9. Floyd The Barber
10. Scoff

These tracks can be found on Outcesticide IV. Though they are labeled as a 1989 soundboard gig, they are really from 2/16/90. Who released these tracks first, Blue Moon or Small Clone?

11. Anorexorcist
12. Raunchola w/Moby Dick (jam)

They date this as December 1987, so chances are these tracks are taken from Tacoma 1987.

13. Breed
From the October 8th, 1989 show - one of the earliest performances of Breed (it was known as Immodium then), with alternate lyrics. It fades out early since the recording was cut.

14. Sacrifice
15. Way Of The World

This is the only commercial bootleg I know of that contains Melvana tracks!

16. Scratch It Out
17. Bikini Twilight

From the "Go Team!" single. Kurt plays guitar on Bikini Twilight.

18. Eighties (Bonus)
Killing Joke's song. Listen to it and see if you can hear Come As You Are - subconcious theft again?!?!

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"In Bloom" Labeled As "In Broom"
"Breed" Labeled As "Immodium"
"Hairspray Queen" Labeled As "Hair Splay Queen"
"About A Girl" Labeled As "Polly"

Mislabels - Disc 2 :
"Raunchola" Labeled As "# 2"
"Anorexorcist" Labeled As "Unreleased #1"

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