I Love Myself And Want To Live

Live Storm (LSCD 51508)
Roseland Ballroom (New Music Seminar) - New York, NY United States 07-23-93
Total CD Time 73:54 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: MANUFACTURED IN ITALY BY OPTI.ME.S. 991950120158 2407-A
Additional Artwork
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1) Serve The Servants 3:53
2) Scentless Apprentice 3:43
3) School 3:00
4) Breed 3:04
5) Lithium 4:39
6) Come As You Are 3:47
7) Milk It 4:30
8) Drain You 3:48
9) tourette's
Aneurysm (Intro)
10) Very Ape 2:20
11) Heart-Shaped Box 5:03
12) Rape Me 2:40
13) All Apologies 4:19
14) Polly 2:54
15) Dumb 2:44
16) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 3:54
17) Something In The Way 3:19
18) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:51
19) Endless, Nameless 9:06
I Love Myself And Want To Live

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  94%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This the infamous show where Kurt over dosed before the show and Courtney had to inject him with some other drugs so he would be able to play. A fairly nice show, the only thing that ruins it is how the mic cuts in and out at points, it is really bad at the beginning of "Serve The Servants" and you can not even hear the first verse of "Drain You" plus the show is incomplete. This version is missing the second half of "Aneurysm", (Some dummy thought it would be funny to edit it so it sounds like the band kicks straight from the "Aneurysm Intro" into "Milk It" {Yes "Aneurysm" was played in its complete form. And I believe that this was the last time it was played live.} ) Blew, & "Territorial Pissings".

This was also the first time the band introduced a acoustic set to their setlist. The crowd starts getting pretty rough during it because they can't mosh to a acoustic "Something In The Way" :) And you can hear Courtney griping "They can do a f***ing acoustic set if they want!".

These one disc versions of this show sound better but the full show (Only found on "The Heart-Shaped Box Set Vol.2")... Its a lose, lose situation similar to the Reading 1992 recordings (the complete version is from an inferior source).

It is still unclear which came out first, "I Hate Myself And I Want To Die" or "I Love Myself And I Want To Live" (A few years later "I Hate Myself And I Want To Die" was re-released with new artwork under Metal Crashs' new name 'Octopus' All 3 versions of this disc are fairly easy to find, ("I Love Myself And I Want To Live" being a little bit rarer than the other 2) and I would HIGHLY recommend getting any one of these. And if you want the complete show but either can not find the "Heart-Shaped Box Set Vol.2" or do not have the money to get it, then get one of these titles AND "Make Me Sick" which is a one disc version from the source that "Heart-Shaped Box Set Vol.2" is taken from. Its not the complete show but it does contain the three tracks that were missing on the other 1 disc versions that were taken from a better source.

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"Where Did You Sleep Last Night" Labeled As "Something In The Way"
"Something In The Way" Labeled As "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"

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