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Who's Who In NIRVANA's History:

Aigner, Ryan - Acted briefly as the band's "manager" in 1987. He booked their first gig, the infamous March 1987 Raymond house party at 17 Nussbaum Road
Albini, Steve - Recorded NIRVANA's third studio album, In Utero
Allman, Kevin - Interviewed Cobain for The Advocate, a weekly gay magazine
Anderson, Dawn - Wrote the very first article about the band for the Seattle music paper Backlash
Arden, Dale - Wendy Fradenburg's uncle
Arm, Mark - Lead singer of the band Mudhoney, a band Cobain admired. Hitherto Arm was in the band Green River
Asher, Peter - Co-President of Sanctuary Artist Management, representing Courtney Love and The Cobain Estate
Azerrad, Michael - A former contributing editor at Rolling Stone and author of Come As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana
Bailey, Bill - Real name of Axl Rose, often used by Cobain as a pseudonym to book hotel rooms
Bailey, Brenda - Wife of Earnie Bailey (who was NIRVANA's guitar-tech)
Bailey, Earnie - Guitar-tech for NIRVANA
Bangs, Lance - Produced the DVD from the "With the Lights Out" box-set
Bayer, Sam - Directed the video for Smells Like Teen Spirit
Bens, Detective Michael - Arrested Cobain on the night of July 23rd 1985 for spraypainting. Cobain received a fine and a suspended sentence
Berends, Ruud - NIRVANA's NL booking agent at Paperclip Agency
Bernstein, Nils - Former publicist at Sub Pop records, currently working at Matador Records
Beveridge, Ian - NIRVANA's monitor/sound engineer
Billig, Janet - Former Caroline Records publicist who went on to manage NIRVANA and Hole via Gold Mountain Entertainment
Bjelland, Kat - Leads Babes in Toyland. Before this she was briefly in a band with Courtney Love and Jennifer Finch called Sugar Baby Doll
Bland, Danny - NIRVANA's US booking agent at Sub Pop Records
Blum, Jordyn - Dave Grohl's second/current wife
Bolsom, Jo - Geffen UK label manager
Brookes, Anton - NIRVANA's UK publicist
Broomfield, Nick - British documentary maker who made the controversial film 'Kurt and Courtney'
Buck, Peter - R.E.M. guitarist. NIRVANA partied at Buck's house after their 1991 show at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia. See also Litt, Scott and Stipe, Michael
Buddenbaum, Bethann - Associate manager at Gold Mountain Entertainment
Burckhard, Aaron - Briefly drummed for NIRVANA in 1987
Burroughs, William Seward - One of Cobain's favourite authors. Cobain collaborated with Burroughs in 1993 on the release The Priest They Called Him: Cobain providing backing guitar noise as Burroughs read one of his compositions
Cameron, Keith - Journalist for Sounds magazine back in the day. Interviewed NIRVANA several times
Canning, Kirk - Played cello on the Nevermind version of 'Something In The Way'. The band only met Canning the night before finishing recording the album
Carlson, Dylan - Frontman of the band Earth and longstanding friend of Cobain's. First met at Cobain's first live performance at the GESCCO Hall. They lived together briefly in 1986/87
Carroll, Rosemary - Danny Goldberg's wife who acted as the Cobain's lawyer
Channing, Chad - NIRVANA's drummer between 1988 and 1990
Channing, Kyrstie - Chad Channing's sister
Channing, Joelle - Chad Channing's sister
Clarke, Victoria - Started work on a warts and all unauthorised biography of the band and received threatening messages from Cobain and Courtney Love not to publish
Close, Nic - NIRVANA guitar-tech
Cobain, Burle - Great-uncle
Cobain, Chad - Cobain half-brother
Cobain, Donald - Cobain's father
Cobain, Frances Bean - Kurt Cobain's and Courtney Love's daughter, born August 1992
Cobain, Gary - Cobain's uncle
Cobain, Iris - Cobain's grandmother
Cobain, Jenny Westby - Cobain's stepmother
Cobain, Jim - Cobain's uncle
Cobain, Kenneth - Cobain's great-uncle
Cobain, Kimberly - Cobain's sister
Cobain, Kurt Donald - NIRVANA's frontman
Cobain, Leland - Cobain's grandfather
Cobain, Michael - Uncle
Cobain, Wendy - Cobain's mother
Collins, Britt - Co-author of a unauthorized NIRVANA biography that was never released. See Clarke, Victoria
Cope, Julian - Member of the Teardrop Explodes and former boyfriend of Courtney Love's
Corbijn, Anton - Directed the Heart-Shaped Box video
Covey, Dwight - A friend of Novoselic's who drove the band to record their first studio demo at Reciprocal Recording Studios in January 1988
Creager, Melora - Cello player with NIRVANA from the beginning of their 1994 European tour until their show on the 1st March 1994
Cross, Charles - Long time editor of The Rocket. Co-author of Classic Rock Albums: Nevermind and author of Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography Of Kurt Cobain
Crover, Dale - Played bass in the first band Cobain put together, called Fecal Matter. Crover recorded the infamous Fecal Matter demo with Cobain. Crover was to drum for NIRVANA on numerous occassions between 1987 and 1990, but was first and foremost drummer for the Melvin's.
Dalke, Michael - NIRVANA's drum tech on the US In Utero tour
Dalston, Chris - NIRVANA's JP booking agent at Triad Agency
Davy, Christophe - NIRVANA's FR booking agent at Radical Production
Deal, Kim - Singer/guitarist with the Pixies and then her own band The Breeders, which were both bands Cobain liked
DeWitt, Michael (Cali) - Nanny to Frances Bean Cobain. Appears in drag on In Utero inlay
Dickson, Ian - Danced onstage for the 10-31-1991 Halloween show along with Nikki McClure. They wore "boy" and "girl" shirts with their roles reversed.
Dillard, Mike - Original drummer of the Melvins who was replaced by Dale Crover. Cobain met Mike through Matt Lukin and Buzz Osbourne, who were also in the Melvins
Dilly, Shelli - Novoselic's first wife
Doyle, Tad - Lead singer of another infamous Sub Pop band with whom NIRVANA toured Europe in the fall of 1989
Duncan, John - AKA "Big John". NIRVANA roadie, formerly of the band The Exploited. Stood in as NIRVANA's second guitarist at their July 23rd 1993 Roseland Ballroom show in New York
Dwyer, Budd R - Politician with commited suicide on television. It is stated in Cross's Cobain biography Heavier Than Heaven that Cobain viewed this footage over and over again
Elden, Spencer - The baby who appears on the front of Nevermind
Ellinghaus, Christof - NIRVANA's DE booking agent at Sweatshop Promotions
Endino, Jack - Infamous Seattle producer, who co-founded Reciprocal Recording Studios in Seattle. Recorded Bleach, NIRVANA's very first album. Also recorded and mixed tracked that appear on Incesticide and the boxset (acted as a consultant on the boxset too)
Erlandson, Eric - Guitarist in the band Hole and friend of Cobain's. Recorded some demos with Cobain in March 1994
Everman, Jason - NIRVANA's second guitarist in 1989. Payed the recording costs of 'Bleach'.
Farmer, Frances - Film star from Seattle who was institutionalised, given a lobotomy and brutalised. Her story inspired the song Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle. Courtney Love married Cobain in one of Frances's dresses
Farrell, Ray - Marketing executive at Geffen
Finch, Jennifer - Member of L7, who toured with NIRVANA. Before this was in a band with Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland called Sugar Baby Doll. Also a former girlfriend of Dave Grohl's.
Finnerty, Amy - MTV progammer who demanded the station air the video for Smells Like Teen Spirit, or she'd quit, because she liked it so much! The song was to prove quite popular ... The band would later party at her house after their September 28th gig at the Marquee Club in New York
Fisher, Robert - Art director at Geffen. Worked with the band on the infamous Nevermind cover and on subsequent releases
Fisk, Steve - Producer who recorded NIRVANA's Blew EP in September 1989 at Music Source Studios in Seattle
Foster, Dave - Drummed briefly for NIRVANA in 1988
Fradenburg, Charles - Cobain's grandfather
Fradenburg, Chuck - Cobain's uncle. Chuck looked after Cobain briefly as a child
Fradenburg, Delbert - Wendy Fradenburg's uncle. Subsequently changed his name to Dale Arden
Fradenburg, Mari - Cobain's aunt at who's home he recorded the infamous Fecal Matter demo
Fradenburg, Peggy Irving - Cobain's grandmother
Fradenburg, Wendy Cobain's mother (Fradenburg is her maiden name)
Friend, Gerald - The name of the rapist who inspired the song Polly
Gaar, Gillian - Rock journalist and NIRVANA expert. Also worked on the boxset as a consultant
Geffen, David - Founder and owner of the David Geffen Company (DGC), with whom's record company NIRVANA signed in 1991
Gersh, Gary - NIRVANA's A&R man at Geffen/DGC Records. CEO of Strummer Recordings
Giombini, Daniela - NIRVANA's IT booking agent at Subway Productions
Gladfelter Bell, Lisa - Former publicist at Geffen/DGC Records
Goldberg, Danny - NIRVANA's co-manager at Gold Mountain, together with John Silva
Goldston, Lori - Cello player with NIRVANA between July 1993 and January 1994
Gordo, João - Lead singer of the Brazilian punk band Ratos de Porão. Introduced NIRVANA onto the stage at their infamous Sao Paulo show on January 16th 1993. Also spent time with the band during their time in Sao Paulo
Gordon, Kim - Guitarist/singer with the band Sonic Youth, one of Cobain's favourite bands, and with whom NIRVANA toured in the summer of 1991
Grant, Tom - Private investigator hired April 3rd 1994 by Courtney Love to find Cobain when he went missing. He has subsequently claimed Cobain was in fact murdered
Grey, Kennedy - A writer from Los Angeles who now has much of NIRVANA's unclaimed fan mail that has been collected over the years
Grohl, Dave Eric - NIRVANA's drummer between 1990 and 1994
Grohl, James - Grohl's father
Grohl, Virginia - Grohl's mother
Guthrie, Arlo - Arlo recorded the album Alice's Restaurant, one of Cobain's favourites as a child
Hafner, Chris - Directed the video for You Know You're Right
Halperin, Ian - Co-author of two books which support Tom Grant's claim that Cobain was murdered. Also see Wallace, Max
Hanna, Kathleen - Musician (Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, Le Tigre). Cobain famously coined the song-title 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' after misinterpreting something Hanna had graffitied on his bedroom wall
Hanszek, Chris - Co-founder of Reciprocal Recording Studios alongside Jack Endino
Hirschberg, Lynn - Wrote an infamous Vanity Fair article which alleged Courtney Love had knowingly taken drugs whilst pregnant. A custody battle for their daughter ensued
Hodgkinson, Antony - a.k.a. "Tony the dancer". Danced onstage at no fewer than 5 Nirvana Shows; He also has played in a number of bands such as Bivouac, Dogntank, Punish the Atom and Holy Mcgrail
Hokanson, Greg - Drummer in Fecal Matter, the very first band Cobain put together, which consisted of Cobain, Hokanson, and Dale Crover. Hokanson was quickly dropped from the band and replaced by Matt Lukin
Hood, Doug - NIRVANA's NZ booking agent at Looney Tours
Hoselton, Charlie - Photographed Cobain for Monk magazine in November 1992
Hull, Bill - Worked at the Taco Bell with Krist Novoselic. It was Hull that introduced Novoselic to Buzz Osbourne and Matt Lukin
Hunter, Bob - Cobain's high school art teacher