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t y p e   Album
l a b e l   Sub Pop
c a t a l o g  #   SP34b
f o r m a t   CD / Jewel Case
l e n g t h    
m a d e  i n   United States
r e l e a s e d  i n   United States
r e l e a s e d   1992.04.??

q u a n t i t y
a v a i l a b i l i t y
  This item can be purchased online and in stores.

t r a c k l i s t
  1. Blew
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. About A Girl
  4. School
  5. Love Buzz
  6. Paper Cuts
  7. Negative Creep
  8. Scoff
  9. Swap Meet
  10. Mr. Moustache
  11. Sifting
  12. Big Cheese
  13. Downer

n o t e s
  In 1992, after Nirvana had became popular, Sub Pop digitally remastered Bleach cassettes and compact discs.  At first, the CDs had a flat finish (like the original 1989 release), but eventually they switched to a glossy finish.  In recent years Sub Pop has also added stickers to either the jewel case or cellophane.  The stickers are usually silver/white and black and have this message:

  • Nirvana's Debut Album
    Features the original version of
    "About A Girl"

Other stickers have this message:

  • Nirvana's first album

Other features that have evolved over the years include the fonts used for the credits, the content of the credits, and the size of the Sub Pop logo -- all on the back insert.  Newer copies have Sub Pop's URL in the credits.

At one point in time, Bleach, Nevermind and Incesticide CDs were sold in longboxes.  Some of the Bleach discs in longboxes were distributed by a label called Caroline.

m a t r i x   n o t e s   ( v a r i a t i o n   # 1 )
  The disc with this code has a glossy finish.  The back insert has a large Sub Pop logo and four lines of credit (in the Nirvana font).  The code is:


m a t r i x   n o t e s   ( v a r i a t i o n   # 2 )
  The code is:

  • SP 34 (V) :    :MASTERED: :BY NIMBUS:

m a t r i x   n o t e s   ( v a r i a t i o n   # 3 )
  The disc with this code has a glossy finish.  The back insert has a small Sub Pop logo and seven lines of credit (Arial font).  "Type by: Rockettype" and an address for a fan club in New Jersey are new additions, but Jack Endino's involvement has been omitted.  An insert, advertising Sub Pop's web site and mail order catalog, is included inside the jewel case.  A small, silver & black sticker on the cellophane or jewel case (stating that Bleach was Nirvana's first album) may be on some copies.  The matrix also has squares, rectangles, and a circular symbol.  The IFPI code is on the inner ring:

  • IR SP 34-2 SRC##01 M1S4
    IFPI 2U3Z

s o u r c e s
  John Bacus, Joris Baas, Mike, Katey, Rob D., Dave Ewing, Jim Hirte, Anders "Andy" Leirvik, Kris Sproul, Sub Pop


Digital Nirvana