Bizarre Tale

Groove Factory (A-6)
Compilation / Various
Total CD Time 73:20 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: YAYA 006 IFPI L525
Additional Artwork
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1) Breed 3:05
2) Stay Away (Pay To Play) 3:22
3) Sappy 3:23
4) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:34
5) High On The Hog 2:09
6) If You Must 3:47
7) Paper Cuts 3:50
8) Verse Chorus Verse 3:14
9) Dive 3:37
10) In Bloom 4:32
11) Heart-Shaped Box 5:28
12) Stay Away (Pay To Play) 3:22
13) Sappy 2:24
14) The End 2:22
15) Dumb 2:25
16) Molly's Lips 2:22
17) Polly 2:32
18) Beans 1:12
19) Aneurysm
Oh, The Guilt
20) Here She Comes Now 4:43
21) Smells Like Teen Spirit 2:57
Bizarre Tale

Nirvana Bootography Rating: C  76%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
Well first off the artwork is pitiful to say the least! I know people who did not buy this disc just because they thought it was a CDR. And yes it does look that bad. The back inlay looks like it was done on a typewriter and a copier.

The music itself is not all that bad, just generated. It sounds like it is just a "Best Of" tape that any collector with the Outcesticide collection could of thrown together in a few minutes. The tracks are all ok sounding demo and live recordings and can be found on Outcesticide I - III. And I would highly recommend you getting them from those sources instead. Also for some strange reason they put "Pay To Play" on here twice. The same exact version, just mislabeled. Also on track 16 Aneurysm and Oh, The Guilt are combined on the same track.

Here is a breakdown on where the tracks are "stolen" from

1) Breed - Outcesticide III
2) Pay To Play - Outcesticide I
3) Sappy - Outcesticide I
4) Smells Like Teen Spirit - Outcesticide III
5) Alcohol - Outcesticide III
6) If You Must - Outcesticide I
7) Paper Cuts - Outcesticide I
8) Verse Chorus Verse - Outcesticide III
9) Dive - Outcesticide III
10) In Bloom - Outcesticide II
11) Heart-Shaped Box - Outcesticide II
12) Pay To Play - Outcesticide I
13) Sappy - Outcesticide I
14) The End - Outcesticide II
15) Dumb - Outcesticide II
16) Molly's Lips - Outcesticide II
17) Polly - Outcesticide III
18) Beans - Outcesticide III
19) Aneurysm / Oh, The Guilt - Outcesticide III
20) Here She Comes Now - Outcesticide I
21) Smells Like Teen Spirit - Outcesticide II

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"Sappy" Labeled As "Shappy"
"Heart-Shaped Box" Labeled As "Shape Heart Box"
"Stay Away" Labeled As "D7. Version"
"Sappy" Labeled As "Shappy"
"Dumb" Labeled As "Come As You Are"
"Molly's Lips" Labeled As "The Man Who Sold The World"
"" Labeled As "Anneurysm"

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