Outcesticide FAQ

by Mitch Vassar


The Outcesticide series is undoubtedly the most popular series of Nirvana bootlegs to date.  The discs contain various rarities, unreleased studio tracks, and one-off performances.   Due to the instant popularity of the Outcesticide titles (and the nature of bootlegging), many bootleg manufacturers have used the Outcesticide name in an attempt to capitalize on the success of the original Blue Moon series.

This FAQ is designed to help collectors determine whether or not the "Outcesticide" disc they own is the genuine article.  This FAQ presents Outcesticide titles as either "Blue Moon Records" or "Labels Other Than Blue Moon Records."  Between this FAQ, and the associated disc reviews, your questions will be answered.  The FAQ will contain general information about the series while the disc reviews will contain more granular detail for each disc.

1.     How many Outcesticide discs are there?

A.     At the time of writing this FAQ, there are five Outcesticide titles released by Blue Moon Records.  You may count six title, if you include the remastered version of Outcesticide I.  (* Note - Outcesticide I is not the true title, but it is easier to refer to the discs by number).

There are other "Outcesticide" discs produced by labels other than Blue Moon that have used their own numbering scheme.  The series by Kobra Records is the most notorious of the clones and have produced seven discs bearing the "Outcesticide" name, however, the numbers of their series do not correlate with the numbering by Blue Moon Records.  Two prevelent fakes use the Blue Moon name as their record label, but are not associated with the series.  The aforementioned clone CDs are easily distinguished by their cover artwork.

See the thumbnail images below:

Outcesticide discs produced by Blue Moon Records:

Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain
Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain Remastered Edition
Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done
Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide III - The Final Solution
Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults
Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide V - Disintigration
Blue Moon Records


Outcesticide discs produced by labels other than Blue Moon Records:

Outcesticide Vol. 1
Kobra Records
KRCD 001
*  Clone of "Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain" by Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide Vol. 2
Kobra Records
KRCD 002
*  Clone of "Oucesticide II - The Needle And The Damage Done" by Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide Vol. 3
Kobra Records
KRCD 003
*  Clone of "The Complete Radio Sessions" by Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide Vol. 4
Kobra Records
KRCD 004
* Unique Compilation

Outcesticide Vol. 5
Kobra Records
KRCD 005
*  Clone of "Oucesticide III - The Final Solution" by Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide Vol. 6
Kobra Records
KRCD 007
* Unique Compilation

Outcesticide Vol. 7
Kobra Records
*  Clone of "Oucesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults" by Blue Moon Records

Outcesticide IV - It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
Blue Moon Records [FAKE]
*  Unique Compilation

Outcesticide V - Gone But Not Forgotten

Blue Moon Records [FAKE]
*  Clone of "Oucesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults" by Blue Moon Records


The Ultimate Outcesticide  
No Label
No Catalog Number
Silly compilation that "borrows" the Outcesticide name

2.  Will Blue Moon Records release an Outcesticide VI?  When?

A.     It has been rumored that Blue Moon Records will release an Outcesticide VI this year, but it has yet to surface.  Nobody knows what might be on it, or whether or not it will surface.  Outcesticide V was released over two years after Outcesticide IV surfaced.  The liner notes in Outcesticide V state that Blue Moon Records will release future Outcesticide titles when/if worthy Nirvana recordings become available.

3.     Where can I get Outcesticide discs?

A.     You can ALWAYS find Outcesticide CDs for sale at www.ebay.com.  You will likely have to ask the seller some questions to determine whether or not the CD was produced by Blue Moon Records.

4.     Does Blue Moon Records have a web site?  What about www.bluemoonrecords.com?

A.  No, Blue Moon Records does not have a web site.   www.bluemoonrecords.com is not associated with the Outcesticide series.

5.     My Outcesticide disc looks exactly like the one pictured in your review except [enter difference here]...  what do you know about it?

A.     Chances are, you own a clone.  The individual reviews and additional artwork pages will depict all known information about each disc.  These reviews do not cover clones.  Clones often have a "black top" on the disc (or other sloppy artwork), blurry artwork on the  inserts, or a matrix other than the ones listed in the reviews.  All Blue Moon releases have pictures inside of the inlay.  If you disc doesn't contain an image on the inside of the inlay, it was not produced by Blue Moon Records.  Check the bottom of each review for "Known Matrices".  Many discs produced by Blue Moon Records have been pressed multiple times.

The Nirvana Bootography has attempted to list EVERY known pressing of the Outcesticide series by Blue Moon Records.  There's always a chance that we've missed one, but for the most part, everything should be complete and correct.

6.     I saw a Kobra Outcesticide Vol. 8 disc on another site, why doesn't the Nirvana Bootography list this CD?

A.     The Nirvana Bootography only lists original pressed CDs (not CD-Rs).  We have never seen an original Kobra Vol. 8 disc and have never found anyone who could verify it's authenticity.  Sadly, it is believed that this disc is the result of a misinformed Nirvana site, the type that the Nirvana Bootography tries to eliminate.  We will be happy to add the disc if it can be verified.  It is most likely a homemade compilation whose title confuses other collectors.

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