LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology April 13, 1991 - The Phoenix House, Olympia, WA, US

  • Witchypoo
    • Slim Moon (vocals)
    • Joe Preston (bass)
  • Kurt Cobain (guitar)
  • Dave Grohl (drums)
  • No Info
  • Tinúviel Sampson
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Witchypoo Showtime
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Bratmobile Showtime
Giant Henry Showtime
  1. No Info
  1. (I Saw You) Shine
  2. The Bars jam
  3. Three Nights jam
  4. Fuck The Motherfucking President
  5. (I Saw You) Shine jam
  6. Life
  7. jam
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In September 2011 a complete copy of this show surfaced.

It is not known if there are other sources.

  • Kurt, Dave, and Joe Preston played with Slim Moon's band, Witchypoo.
  • The group covered and jammed on Flipper's "(I Saw You) Shine," jammed on Black Flag's "The Bars" and "Three Nights," and played three other unknown songs, possibly improvisations or Witchypoo songs.
  • No Info
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