the liveNIRVANA Tour History


The LiveNIRVANA Tour History (LNTH) is a invaluable resource for all live NIRVANA collectors and enthusiasts.

For SURFACED (ie. circulating) shows the LNTH features:

  • Setlists: full setlists for every show (any songs which collectors believe were performed but are not present on any circulating sources are listed in italics).
  • Sources: the length, sound quality and recording information of every source of every show.
  • Lowest generations: the lowest circulating generations for each source are listed.
  • Transcriptions: every circulating show has been fully transcribed noting what was said between songs.
  • Reviews: in-depth reviews of two NIRVANA tours and many individual shows.
  • The LNTH also includes a list of UNSURFACED shows (ie. shows that are not currently circulating).

    If you have any information regarding concerts, setlists or recordings not listed here, please do email us at


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