11/15/93 - Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, US


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1a DAT 8.5 Yes 96 Core Sound Binaural > Sony TCD-D7 DAT(1)>FLAC
AUD #1b DAT 7.0 Yes 96 Core Sound Binaural > Sony TCD-D7 DAT(x)>ANA(5)>CDR
Notes for AUD #1a: In June 2007 a 1st generation DAT was circuladed, replaing older DAT(M)>ANA(2)>DAT(1)>FLAC versions. The intro to 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter' cuts in, 'I Want To Be Your Dog' cuts out and there is a drop out in 'About A Girl'. All circulating versions of this version have digital errors during 'Lithium', 'Territorial Pissings' and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.
Notes for AUD #1b: Same source as AUD #1a above, and much lower quality, but without the digital errors. Some copies are missing the last song entirely.

SPECIAL NOTES: The older, and inferior, ANA(5) version (see above) circulated incorrectly as an alternate Sony WM-D6 source. When the upgrade was circulated in July 2004 it was realised that the two were in fact the same Sony TCD-D7 source. It is unclear if an alternate Sony WM-D6 source really exists.