04/09/93 - Cow Palace (Bosnian Rape Victim Benefit), Daly City, CA, US


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1 ANA 8.0 No 90 Sony PC-62 > Sony WM-D3 ANA(M)>FLAC
AUD #2 ANA 8.5 Yes 90 Sony PC-62 > Sony WM-D3 ANA(M)>FLAC
AUD #3 ANA 9.0 Yes 90 Sonic Studios DSM-6 > Sony WM-D6 ANA(M)>DAT(1)>FLAC
AUD #4 DAT 8.5 Yes 93 Sonic Studios DSM-3 > Sony TCD-D3 DAT(M)>FLAC
AUD #5 DAT 8.0 Yes 91 Sony ECM-939 > Sony TCD-D3 DAT(M)>FLAC
AMT #1 VID 7.5 Yes 93 Unknown VHS(1)>DVDR / VHS(1)>FLAC
PRO CLIP #1 VID 8.0 No 01:30 Unknown TV>VHS(x)
Notes for AUD #1: 'Blew' and 'Heart-Shaped' Box both contain a cut. The first song, 'Rape Me', is very poor quality due to the tape having speed problem. However, the quality improves after this song.
Notes for AUD #2: There is a brief dropout in 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. 'Endless, Nameless' contains a cut and also cuts out. This is the same source as the commercial CDR 'Bosnian Rape Benefit'. The master tape was surfaced in September 2006, replacing the old 1st generation source.
Notes for AUD #3: In May 2007 an ANA(M)>DAT version was curculated, replacing the incomplete bootleg CD 'San Francisco 1993'.
Notes for AUD #4: Surfaced in October 2004.
Notes for AUD #5: Circulated in February 2015.
Notes for AMT #1: Amateur video, shot from an elevated position on the left of the venue fairly far back. A 1st generation tape has been transferred to DVD; see Live Nirvana's DVD Guide for more information. The audio portion from a 1st generation video is also circulating on CDR.
Notes for PRO CLIP #1: Single camera PRO-shot video, with open mic audio. Feature clips of 'School', 'Something In The Way' and a very brief clip of 'Blew' only. Brodcast on MTV News on April 17, 1993. Has voice over most of the audio. Not circulating widely.