01/18/91 - Library 4300 (No More Wars Benefit), Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, US


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AMT #1a Audio 8.0 No 03 Unknown VHS(1)>MP3
AMT #1b VID 6.0 No 03 Unknown VHS(1)>TV>VHS(3)>MiniDV(1)>DVDR / VHS(1)>TV>VHS(3)>FLAC
AUD CLIP #1 ANA 8.0 No 01:12 Unknown UNKNOWN>MP3
Notes for AMT #1a: Feature 'School' only, which was posted on the internet by the taper, along with the setlist. Parts of the video were broadcast on a programme called Mosher's Mayhem on Olympia's public access channel (see AMT #1b below). A complete private video of this show is known to exist.
Notes for AMT #1b: Parts of the private video source above (AMT #1a) were broadcast on a programme called Mosher's Mayhem, which was aired by Olympia's public access channel. In January 2005 'Breed' from this broadcast was surfaced. It is rumoured that more songs were broadcast. A 3rd generation VHS tape has been transferred to DVD; see Live Nirvana's DVD Guide for more information.
Notes for AUD CLIP #1: A short clip of 'Endless Nameless' is circulating from what is suspected to be an unsurfaced analog audience recording. This was posted anonymously on the internet in December 2002. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2004 | Contact webmaster