06/09/89 - Moore Theater (Sub Pop Lame Fest), Seattle, WA, US

Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AMT #1 VID 6.0 No 04 built-in > Panasonic PV-330 VHS(4) / VHS(3)>DAT(1)>FLAC
AMT #2 VID 8.5 No 07 unknown > unknown (VHS) VHS(M)>DVDR(1)>MP4 / VHS(M)>DVDR(1)>MP4
Notes for AMT #1: In July 2004 'Blew' from the audio portion of a 3rd generation video tape was circulated and in 2006 a 4th generation video tape was transferred to DVD; see Live Nirvana's DVD Guide for more information.
Notes for AMT #2: Amateur video, shot from the back. Sourced from an MP4 video file posted on YouTube in February 2008. Feature only 'Negative Creep' and 'Blew', which was all that was recorded.