03/xx/87 - 17 Nussbaum Road (house party), Raymond, WA, US


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
AUD #1 ANA 8.0 Yes? 46 Unknown Unknown>FLAC
Notes for AUD #1: 'Downer' is slightly cut into. It remains uncertain if any more songs were played/recorded after the last song 'Hairspray Queen' on the surfaced version - at around 46 minutes this could be the point of the tape flip. In September 2015 a lossless version of this source was circulated, replacing the old MP3 sourced version. This source is also available on the bootleg 'First Live Show' and its clone '17 Nussbaum Road, 1st Experience', but these bootlegs are only sourced from the old remastered MP3 sourced trading circle version anyhow and are marred by digital errors. See Live Nirvana's Bootography Guide To Nirvana Bootlegs for more information on commercial releases of this show.
SPECIAL NOTES: This recording is NIRVANA's live debut, and thus the earliest surfaced live recording.