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December 21, 1992 - Posies practice space, Seattle, WA, US View in Google Maps


    • Cobain, Kurt (vocals, guitar)
    • Grohl, Dave (drums, vocals, guitar)
    • Novoselic, Krist (bass)
  • Dando, Evan (drums)


  • [?] TBC
  • [?] TBC (Grohl on vocals and guitar, Cobain on guitar, Novoselic on bass, Dando on drums)

Best available sources

It is not known whether this session was recorded, no tapes have surfaced to date.


Evan Dando sat in on this practice session after appearing at KNDD's first Deck The Hall Ball. I was playing between Mark Curry (aka Jack Murphy) and Sarah McLachlan, Dando recalls. It was some kind of acoustic-oriented gig and I remember playing a couple of Misfits tunes. Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were there. The next thing I remember was being asked if I would like to attend band practice. (1)

Marijuana was smoked. I jumped into the back of Dave's old black Mustang, with Krist in the front, and we headed off to get Kurt at the hotel he was living at with Frances and Courtney, Dando remembers. Kurt eventually came down and got in the car and we drove to the practice space. Four hours and at least as many bottles of fine red wine went by as I watched and listened to them play through the songs that were to become In Utero. After a while, I jumped behind the skins and the four of us worked on one of Dave's new tunes. It was fun to play the drums. (1)

Practice over, the gang headed back to Novoselic's house for more revelry. Krist had this amazing old jukebox in his basement recreation area. We all watched some pretty weird live NIRVANA video circa 1989 that a fan had sent. It was a great night out. (1)


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