LIVE NIRVANA SESSIONS HISTORY 1990–1994 - Cobain residence, TBC, US

  • Cobain, Kurt (vocals, guitar)
  • [X] Opinion
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AUD #1 CLIP TBC TBC Official Blu-ray (Cobain: Montage Of Heck) • Opinion Opinion cuts out and is slowed down significantly on this release.

While Kurt Cobain is known to have performed a solo acoustic rendition of Opinion live on KAOS Radio, September 25, 1990, there is no record of him ever having performed the song with NIRVANA.

Cobain may have intended to develop the song in collaboration with other artists, such as Mark Lanegan or Iggy Pop, but such plans, if made, were never realized. (1) He left a message saying it was Kurt from NIRVANA and Why don't you call me and maybe sometime we can get in the studio or something and kick around some shit together? Iggy Pop told The Big Takeover in 2001. I don't really do that, though—that's not my trip. I didn't wanna be produced or done up or be a NIRVANA mascot or something, but I had enough respect for him to call him back. But when I called him back it was like This is The Four Seasons hotel… Mr Cobain is hanging upside-down like a bat from the ceiling for the next 32 hours or whatever. So I said Great, just leave a message that I called. That was the end of it. (2)

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