Despite our success in finding new NIRVANA recordings and upgrades, there are still many others awaiting discovery. When they exist they are often in the possession of individuals who collect other bands: tapers, traders, many of whom have 1000s of tapes. Often these collectors have low gen tapes and masters but it can be difficult to trade with them because we, as a community, have little to offer them.

So, is the best policy only to pursue those recordings that we know these traders want?

This has been the policy in the past. Occasionally the community has come together to tape bands that will give us leverage. But this can be hard work and difficult to sustain in the longer term.

The LNCU Trading List is an attempt to pre-empt the difficulties that sometimes arise when trying to source recordings at short notice.

What is the Trading List?

The LNCU Trading List is a database of all the recordings we are prepared to use for surfacing NIRVANA recordings. The link to the resource is:

Can I add to the list?

Anyone who wants to contribute can. It has an easy, online interface allowing anyone to manage and update their own information. All you have to do is register here:

Please note: by adding any recordings to the list, you agree to share this material for the sole purpose of surfacing NIRVANA. Your personal information will be accessible only by Benoit Martigny (LNCU President) and Cyrille Bouchaud (administrator).

The list works on two levels: as an easy-to-use database of recordings we can offer traders, but also as a 'honey-trap', enticing collectors into contacting us. The more people we can appeal to, the more success we will have. Individuals may not have the NIRVANA material we want, but they will spread the word among their contacts into an ever-widening net.

The LNCU trading list is a very powerful instrument through which all the community will be able to get new recordings and upgrades.

In the name of the LNCU team - which is virtually everyone involved in the quest for new NIRVANA stuff - we thank you for your help!