1 - Seattle, WA, Four Seasons Hotel. Kurt does a photo session with Charles Peterson in his pyjamas in his bedroom at the hotel for the forthcoming cover story in a gay magazine, 'The Advocate'. Kurt is also interviewed for 'Select' magazine.

16 - Sao Paulo, Brazil, Morumbi Stadium. CAYA confirms that "Rio" (by Duran Duran) was played, with Dave on bass and vocals, Chris on guitar and Kurt on drums. "Seasons In The Sun" (by Terry Jacks) was also played. 'L7' also play.

? - A press release from the bands' Los Angeles department warns people not to talk to Britt Collins and Victoria Clarke in connection with the book that they are writing.

22 - Record some demos in Rio with Courtney and Patty Schemel from 'Hole', including a track called 'It's Closing Soon' and also 'Miss World'. The tracks are recorded by Craig Montgomery. Nirvana also record the version of 'Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip' which features on 'In Utero'.

23 - Rio de Janiero, Praca da Apoteose Stadium (Hollywood Rock Festival). 'L7' also play.

? - Chris went to Zagreb, Croatia. He changes his name back to Krist.

? - 'Incesticide' goes gold.

? - Kurt designs a custom guitar for Fender, a cross between a Jaguar and a Mustang. A limited run was planned for his personal use, but a consumer version was being considered (CAYA, p.312).

1 - The court date for the Clarke and Courtney incident.

9 - Kurt's cover-story in 'The Advocate' is published. Kurt had personally arranged 'The Advocate' interview himself. He declared that he thought he was gay for a time at high school and that he was "definitely gay in spirit, and I probably could be bisexual".

14 - Recording of 'In Utero' starts at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minneapolis, with Steve Albini. They book in as 'The Simon Ritchie Bluegrass Ensemble'. Brent Sigmeth is the engineer and Robert Weston IV the studio maintenance technician. Carter Nicole Launt is the macrobiotic chef. Recording costs in total were $24,000. Steve Albini refused a royalty agreement, insisting on a flat fee of $100,000, on top of recording costs. Except for one weekend during recording when the band makes a weekend trip into Minneapolis to see the 'Cows' and a couple of visits to the mall, the band never leave the recording complex.

18 - Recording of the basic tracks is finished.

19 - Overdubs are done.

20 - Overdubs are done.

21 - Mixing of the tracks begins.

22 - 'Oh, the Guilt' is released in the UK and US on a split single with 'The Jesus Lizard' on 'Touch and Go Records'. Limited to 200,000 copies worldwide.

26 - Finish mixing the album.

Late February - Kurt phones Albini to say that Gary Gersh, Nirvana's A&R man, hated the album (27th?).

Late February/Early March - Kurt calls Albini again to say he is having second thoughts and thinking of remixing some of the tracks.

? - Courtney and Kurt record some tracks ('Hello Kitty' / 'Lemonade Nation' / 'Twister') and send them out to various magazines and labels pretending to be two sisters ('Dischord', 'Maximumrocknroll' and others).

? - Kurt and Courtney move to their Washington Boulevard home in Seattle overlooking Lake Washington (171 Lake Washington Boulevard East).

? - Video for 'Sliver' is shot in Kurt's garage, having filled it up with his bits and bits to make it look like an apartment and with Kerslake on a Super 8 camera. The child in the video is Frances Bean. Kurt made it look as if she was dancing by cutting some armholes in a big piece of cardboard, placing Frances in front of it and putting his arms through, holding her up, making it appear she was dancing. When MTV show the video certain shots are blurred (for example, the shot of a Maximumrocknroll poster), due to their product placement rules. In these shots Kurt's message can be seen: "INDIE PUNX STILL SUCKS" (CAYA, p.338). The video was made to promote 'Incesticide'.

? - Albini calls Kurt to say he couldn't improve on the Pachyderm recordings.

? - Krist calls Albini to say it doesn't sound as good as it did in the studio (might be in late February?).

15 - 'Return of the Rat' is re-released on T/K Records 'Fourteen Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers'.

18 - Fight with Courtney.

23 - The Cobains are informed that the authorities would be taking no further interest in Frances. Los Angeles childrens services then stop supervision of Frances Bean.

? - The law suit Courtney filed at the end of December 1992 concerning the leaking of her medical records is settled out of court.

9 - San Francisco, CA, Cow Palace (Benefit for the Tresnjevka Women's Centre in Zagreb). Nirvana's first American show in seven months. Attended by 11,000 people. 'L7', the 'Breeders' and 'Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy' also play. $50,000 is raised. The benefit was Krist's idea: "I was really pissed off by everything I'd been reading and nobody was doing anything about it" (CAYA, p.335). Afterwards the band and entourage (bar Kurt and Courtney who stay in a different hotel) celebrate at the Phoenix motel.

10 - Krist goes to the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.

13 - 'Sonic Youth's' video ('1991: The Year Punk Broke'), featuring 'Nirvana', is released.

19 - Greg Kot of the 'Chicago Tribune' writes an article headed "Record label finds little bliss in Nirvana's latest".

? - The 'Sliver' video is broadcast for the first time on MTV.

2 - Kurt gets cotton fever after injecting heroin at a party. Courtney gives Kurt some Buprenorphine which revives him. She also gives him some pills (4x codeine-based Tylenols, 3x Benadryls and 1 Valium) to induce vomiting. Kurt is taken to Harborview Medical Centre on 9th Avenue.

? - 'In Utero' tracks are remixed at Seattle's 'Bad Animals' studio. Scott Litt cleans up 'All Apologies' and 'Heart-Shaped Box' as the band thought that the vocals were too abrasive. 'Sappy' is also recorded again and this is the version that is released on the 'No Alternative' compilation later in the year.

? - 'Entertainment Weekly' runs a story with an interview with Steve Albini who says that 'Nirvana' have "sold-out" due to them having 'Heart-Shaped Box' and 'All Apologies' cleaned up by Scott Litt.

11 - DGC run a press release headed "Nirvana's Kurt Cobain Debunks Rumours of Geffen Interference with New Album". It quoted Kurt saying "There has been no pressure from our record label to change the tracks we did with Albini. We have 100% control of our music!". Geffen's president, Ed Rosenblatt, added, "The simple truth is, as I have assured the members of 'Nirvana' and their management all along, we will release whatever record the band delivers to us ... When the band has finished their album, to their satisfaction, they will turn it in and we'll give it a release date. It's that boring and straightforward".

4 - Courtney calls 911 after an argument with Kurt. The police arrive where Kurt is arrested for domestic assault and spends 3 hours in jail. They also confiscate 3 guns.

? - Dave Grohl re-unites with Franz and Pete Stahl and Skeeter Thompson and play 11 dates as 'Scream', promoting their new album which was released in July ('Fumble').

1 - 'The Priest They Called Him', a spoken-word piece by William S. Burroughs, with Kurt on guitar, is released on 'T/K Records'. Krist appears on the cover in a priest's outfit. 10,000 copies on black vinyl, 10,000 picture discs, 5,000 regular discs and 5,000 with yellow vinyl on the B-side. All were hand-numbered.

4 - 'Scream' play outdoors in Washington, DC, near the Lincoln Memorial.

5 - 'Scream' play in Washington, DC, at the 9:30 Club.

6 - 'Scream' play in Washington, DC, at the 9:30 Club.

7 - Mia Zapata, lead singer in the 'Gits', is found strangled in Seattle.

? - 'Scream' play in Los Angeles, CA, at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go.

? - New York, NY, Irving Plaza (secret gig - did this happen?).

23 - New York, NY, Roseland Ballroom (New Music Seminar). An unannounced show, at which they debut much of 'In Utero', which was still six weeks from being released. Kurt allegedly overdoses on heroin in the hotel just before playing and Courtney revives him with an illegal drug. For the first time the band included two new members: John Duncan on second guitar (replaced by Pat Smear from the 'Germs' from September) and Lori Goldston (a member of Seattle's 'Black Cat Orchestra') on cello. Stephen Sweet is present and takes photographs. 'Jesus Lizard' support. Kurt St. Thomas is in the audience.

24 - New York, NY. The whole day is set aside for press, commencing at 10am, but Kurt doesn't surface until midday. When he does Stephen Sweet takes the band in a taxi to a location on West 42nd Street and takes photographs of them (these are the 'Men Don't Protect You Any More' photos).

6 - Seattle, WA, King Theatre (Mia Zappatta Investigative Fund Benefit). 'Nirvana's' last perfomance as a trio.

9 - Seattle, WA. Rehearsals begin (with the new members, Pat Smear and Lori Goldston). Rehearsals took place three or four times a week.

30 - 'Heart-Shaped Box' is released as a single in Europe. No singles from the album were released in the US.

? - 'Sappy' is released as an uncredited last track on the AIDS benefit compilation 'No Alternative'.

8 - Los Angeles, CA, Club Lingerie (Rock Against Rape Benefit). A once-only Kurt and Courtney acoustic duet appearance. They play 'Pennyroyal Tea' and 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?'. Proceeds went to 'First Strike Rape Prevention', a Los Angeles education and self-defence organisation. 'Nirvana' win the award for best alternative video for 'In Bloom' and an art direction award at the MTV Music Video Awards.

? - 'Hole' record 'Live Through This' sessions in Georgia. Kurt puts backing vocals on the song 'Asking For It', but these are edited out for the album release.

14 - 'In Utero' is released in the UK. Reached #8 in the charts.

19 - 'Heart-Shaped Box' video is premiered on MTV. It was shot sometime in late summer 1993 and there are two versions of the video, with slight differences. It was directed by Anton Corbijn. Kevin Kerslake tried to sue the band for steeling his idea.

21 - 'In Utero' is released in the United States. Enters the Billboard chart at #1. Sells 180,000 units in the first week, and 500,000 worldwide. Pearl Jam's new release, 'VS', was selling 900,000 per week.

23 - New York, NY, NBC Studios. Rehearsals for the forthcoming second SNL appearance (or was it the 24th?).

25 - New York, NY, NBC Studios (Saturday Night Live). 'Nirvana's' second 'SNL' appearance.

? - 'I Hate Myself And I Want To Die' is released on the 'DGC' compilation 'The Beavis and Butt-head Experience'.

? - The 'Melvins' album, 'Houdini', is released. Kurt produced seven of the songs and played guitar on 'Sky Pup'.

? - The definitive Nirvana biography, 'Come As You Are' by Michael Azerrad, is released.

18 - Phoenix, AZ, Veterans Memorial Stadium, Arizona State Fairgounds (first gig of 45-date tour). Beginning of American 'In Utero' tour; their first US show in two years.

19 - Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Convention Centre.

20 - The band have a night off in Kansas City. Pat and Kurt go to see the 'Tree People' play live.

21 - Kansas City, KN, Memorial Hall.

22 - Davenport, IA, Palmer Alumni Auditorium.

23 - Chicago, IL, Aragon Ballroom.

24 - Chicago, IL, Lounge Ax (secret gig). Jim DeRo from the Chicago Sun Times said, "There were indeed rumors of a show, and a lot of people stood on the sidewalk hoping to get into Lounge Ax (we did a story about it), but there was no show."

25 - Chicago, IL, Aragon Ballroom.

26 - Milwaukee, WI, Mecca Auditorium.

27 - Kalamazoo, MI, K-Wings Stadium.

29 - Detroit, MI, Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum.

30 - Dayton, OH, Hara Arena.

31 - Akron, OH, James A. Rhodes Arena, University of Akron. Kurt is hit in by a shoe while playing 'About A Girl'. After the song is finished, Kurt urinates in the shoe and throws it back to the audience.

2 - Montreal, Canada, Verdun Auditorium.

4 - Toronto, Canada, Maple Leaf Gardens.

5 - Buffalo, NY, Alumni Arena, University of Buffalo.

5 - Nevermind goes 5x Platinum.

7 - Williamsburg, VA, William and Mary Hall.

8 - Philadelphia, PA, State Armoury Drexel University.

9 - Bethlehem, PA, Stabler Arena, Lehigh University. Steve Gullick is present.

10 - Springfield, MA, Springfield Civic Centre. Steve Gullick is present and takes photos of the band before the gig at their hotel, in their dressing room and live on stage that evening. After the gig, according to Gullick in 'Winterlong': "The evening ended superbly on the tour bus in some car park, it turned into a bit of a Queen party. Krist presented me with a bowling ball and a piece of broken TV screen, I think it was the prize for "best Freddie impression".

11 - Dave and Kurt (and maybe more) go to see Buzzcocks at the Paradise in Boston.

12 - Fitchburg, MA, George Wallace Civic Centre. Kurt St. Thomas is in the audience.

13 - Washington, DC, Bender Arena, American University.

14 - New York, NY, New York Coliseum.

15 - New York, NY, Roseland Ballroom.

16 - New Jersey, NJ, SST Rehearsal Complex (Unplugged rehearsals).

17 - New Jersey, NJ, SST Rehearsal Complex (Unplugged rehearsals).

18 - New York, NY, Sony Music Studios (MTV Unplugged). Final rehearsals take place. For the taping in the evening everything is done in one take, as live, with no re-takes. Nirvana's last know acoustic gig. Kurt St. Thomas is in the audience. This show would later be posthumously released on CD.

26 - Jacksonville, FL, Morocco Temple Shrine Auditorium.

27 - St Petersburg, Miami, FL, AT&T Bayfront Park Amphitheatre.

28 - Lakeland, FL, Jenkins Arena, Lakeland Civic Centre.

29 - Atlanta, GA, The Omni.

30 - In Utero goes Platinum.

30 - In Utero goes Gold.

1 - Birmingham, AL, Boutwell Municipal Auditorium.

2 - Talahassee, FL, Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center.

3 - New Orleans, MO, Senator Nat G. Kiefer Uno Lakefront Arena.

5 - Dallas, TX, Fairpark Coliseum.

6 - Houston, TX, Astro Arena. 'All Apologies' is released.

7 - Austin, TX, ?.

8 - Oklahoma City, OK, Travel and Transportation Building.

9 - Omaha, NE, Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum.

10 - St Paul, MN, Roy Wilkins Auditorium.

12 - 'All Apologies' video premieres on MTV.

13 - Seattle, WA, Pier 48 (a terminus for ferries going to Victoria, BC). This show was filmed by 'MTV' for 'Live And Loud', and was screened for the first time on 31st December 1993. Rehearsals took place in the morning. 'Nirvana' were able to extend their set because 'Pearl Jam' pulled out. Steve Gullick took picture of Kurt in tinsel and with an inflatable santa backstage. During the show he took pictures from the audience. After the show the band immediately began editing the footage for the future broadcast.

14 - Salem, OR, Salem Armory.

15 - Boise, ID, Boise State University Pavilion.

16 - Ogden, UT, Golden Spike Arena. MTV Unplugged was broadcast for the first time (it was also simulcast on the radio). 'Oh Me' and 'Something In The Way' were cut from the first screening. It was not until after Cobain death, on November 1st 1994 that the CD 'MTV Unplugged in New York' was released, with the additional tracks.

18 - Denver, CO, The Coliseum. The 'Breeders' opened the show.

? - Courtney Love allegedly meets up with 'El Duce' at the Rock Shop, a Hollywood record store on Wilcox Avenue, and allegedly offers him $50,000 to kill Kurt.

23 - Sacramento, CA, Arco Arena.

29 - San Diego, CA, Sports Arena.

30 - Los Angeles, CA, Inglewood Great Western Forum.

31 - San Francisco, CA, Oakland Coliseum Arena. The 'Butthole Surfers', 'Chokebore' and 'MC Goldthwait' also play.

? - 'All Apologies' single is released in the UK. UK releases censor the title of the song 'Moist Vagina', changing it on the artwork to 'MV'. Australian and German releases do not censor it.