1 - Music Source Studios, Seattle, Washington. The band record demos with their soundman, Craig Montgomery. This is a self-financed recording session as they didn't want the tracks to belong to 'Sub Pop'.

2 - Kurt's uncle Patrick Fradenburg dies of AIDS in CA (HTH).

? - The band is in London for a week to discuss deals with various major labels. The band is interviewed for the 'NME' by Steve Lamacq in their London hotel.

4 - Contracts are arranged and prepared with 'Geffen'. The band receive a $287,000 advance (Capitol offered them $1m). They are released from their Sub Pop obligation for $75,000 (half of this came from Nirvana's advance) and 2% of the sales on Nirvana's next two records.

18 - Olympia, WA, Evergreen State College.

? - 'Molly's Lips' (recorded live on February 09, 1990 at the Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR) is released as a split single with the 'Fluid' as part of the 'Sub Pop Singles Club' (number 27). Limited edition of 7,500. First 4,000 on green vinyl and other 3,500 on black vinyl. According to CAYA (p.163) Kurt didn't want it released because it sounded "ragged", but it was part of the buyout deal.

21 - Kurt, Chris and Dave are all in a flat together, probably to rehearse. Chris is roaming around with a video camera, for what is to be the opening scene for the official Nirvana video 'Live Tonight! Sold Out!': "Kill 'em all I say" is his opening line!

? - 'Sliver' single is released in the UK on Tupelo. Like its US equivalent it contains 'Dive', but also includes the live tracks 'About A Girl' and 'Spank Thru' from their February 09, 1990 Pine Street Theatre appearance in Portland, OR.

? - 'Sub Pop' are close to bankruptcy due to poor business practises and most staff have to be let go.

? - The band is interviewed for the Seattle magazine 'Backlash'. They mention that they will be recording with Butch Vig in March and that they had also been talking to Scott Litt to produce them.

2 - Edmonton, Canada, The Bronx.

4 - Calgary, Canada, Westward Club.

7 - Victoria, BC, Canada, The Forge.

8 - Vancouver, BC, Canada, Commodore Ballroom. Charles Petersen is present and takes photos. Krist Novoselic does an interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Click here to listen to it.

? - Record demos with Butch Vig including 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' / 'Come As You Are' / 'Territorial Pissings' and possibly a track called 'Old Age' (a track that is credited to 'Hole' on the B-side of the 'Beautiful Son' single) and also possibly 'Verse Chorus Verse' / 'Something In The Way' and 'On A Plain' (these could be the demos that the band recorded on a boombox at a converted barn in Tacoma, Washington, if so Butch Vig did not record them).

17 - Seattle, WA, OK Hotel. The band introduce themselves as "major corporate rock sell-outs" and they first play 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' at this show.

? - The band rehearse for a week in north Hollywood in preparation for the recording session for the next album.

30 - Sign to 'DGC'. For a $287,000 advance and a buy-out from 'Sub Pop' for $75,000. The band contributes half of this sum and 'Sub Pop' gained a 2% royalty on the next two albums. This saves 'Sub Pop' from bankruptcy, netting them millions in the near future.

2 - Begin recording 'Nevermind' (originally entitled 'Sheep') at Sound City Studios, Van Nuys in California with an initial budget of $65,000. 'Geffen' wanted the album re-doing (after the earlier demos). They wanted Scott Litt, David Young or Don Dixon to do the recording, as they didn't know Butch Vig, who was the band's choice. Geffen eventually settled for Butch Vig and Don Dixon, but Don was unable to do it at that time. So at the last minute they asked Butch Vig to record it. Once Butch had been settled on, the band and Vig spent 5 days running through the songs, fine tuning the details and arranging them properly. Also rumoured to have been recorded were versions of 'Rape Me', 'Pennyroyal Tea', 'Dumb' and another version of 'Endless, Nameless'. Many other songs are also speculated to have been recorded, including 'Old Age' and 'All Apologies'. During the recording Chris got arrested and was put in jail for 16 hours after he was stopped for drink driving in Laurel Canyon. Kurt and Dave had to walk the 7 miles back to the hotel. The day before they decided to put a cello on 'Something In The Way' they all went to a party on the evening and got a friend, Kirk Canning (husband of 'L7' drummer Dee Plakass) who played cello. They record 'Something In The Way' on the last day that they are in the studio. The version of 'Polly' is taken from the April 1990 session, but is remixed with Dave's drumming in the place of Chad's. Remixing of the recording take two weeks with Andy Wallace, who is chosen after names like Scott Litt and Ed Stasium have been mentioned.

11 - The drums that were hired for Dave for the recording of the album were taken back to 'Drum Doctor' in Hollywood.

?/JUNE - The band all go to see the 'Butthole Surfers' at Los Angeles Palladium. Kurt meets Courtney and they end up wrestling on the floor.

29 - Los Angeles, CA, Jabberjaw.

10 - Denver, CO, Gothic Theatre.

11 - Salt Lake City, UT, Pompadour Rock & Roll Club.

13 - San Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatre (first of 8 shows supporting 'Dinosaur Jr.'). $16.50 admission charge.

14 - Hollywood, CA, The Palladium.

15 - Tijuana, MX, Iguana's.

18 - Santa Cruz, CA, The Catalyst.

19 - Sacramento, CA, Crest Theatre.

20 - Portland, OR, Melody Ballroom.

24 - Kurt buys a car in Olympia, a 1963 Plymouth Valiant for $550 (HTH).

? - 'Dive' is released on 'The Grunge Years', a 'Sub Pop' compilation.

15 - Kurt flies to LA to work on the cover of the LP and to do promo photos (HTH).

27 - Dave Grohl records 4 more solo tracks with Barrett Jones at WGNS Studios in Arlington, Virginia, with engineer/producer Goeff Turner. He records 'Hell's Garden' / 'Winnebago' / 'Bruce' / 'Milk'. These demos along with the 6 recorded in 1990 were released on the 'Simple Machines' label as a cassette only release. Dave didn't want his success in Nirvana to influence people's opinion of the music, so he invented the band 'Late!' and released it under the title 'Pocketwatch'.

29 - Kurt return to Olympia, to find he has been evicted from Pear Street, for several weeks after this Kurt lives in his newly purchased car (HTH).

? - Kurt is interviewed on the phone by Gutter Heijting of 'Opscene' magazine from Holland.

15 - Hollywood, CA, Roxy Theatre. According to 'Spin' magazine this was Nirvana's "greatest gig". That afternoon the band are interviewed for KXCU, which also has the honour of having the first public airing of the SLTS single (HTH).

17 - Culver City, CA, GMT Studios (to film 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video). Began at 11.30 in the morning and it took eight hours in total and cost $33,000. Those who attended the gig two days previous were invited to attend. It was also announced on the local college radio station (KXLU) to get the necessary numbers for the video. Directed by Samuel Bayer and the janitor featured (Rudy Larosa) was the janitor of his apartment block. According to CAYA (p.180) several ideas of Kurt's idea for the video were vetoed by the director (whom the band dubbed "Jethro Napoleon", because he had a "little Napoleon complex"). For example, he wanted "really ugly overweight cheerleaders" and "just a couple of guys". He also wanted the kids to run out the gym and start smashing things up and wanted everyone to empty their wallets into a big bonfire. Another idea he had was the burning of effigies in a big bonfire in the gym. He eventually persuaded the direct to get everyone to come down from the bleachers and mosh. The joyous moshing was in fact real, the result of the kids' boredom at the video shoot. Kurt actually re-edited the final video and added a shot of his face at the very end, which Bayer protested about.

18 - The band meet up with Craig Montgomery, John Silva and David Markey at Los Angeles Airport, United Terminal at 10:30am to fly to Heathrow in England. David Markey is filming the tour for the 'Sonic Youth' documentary '1991: The Year Punk Broke'.

19 - Arrive at Heathrow at 7:30am. Meet up with 'Sonic Youth' and travel to Wales on two coaches to catch the ferry to Eire. Beginning of two week European tour with 'Sonic Youth'.

20 - Cork, Ireland, Sir Henry's Pub. The two bands stay at the inn attached to the club.

21 - Dublin, Ireland, The Top Hat. The band is interviewed by Keith Cameron for 'Melody Maker' in their hotel, the Grand Parade, and later on the road to Dublin. David Markey films most of the Nirvana set from the balcony. After the show the two bands fly with Aer Lingus to Heathrow. 'Beeswax' from the 01/23/88 studio session is released on the 'Kiss Rock Stars' compilation by the Olympia label 'Kill Rock Stars'. Original print limited to 1,000.

22 - The band all go to see 'Mudhoney' and 'Hole' at the venue in New Cross, London.

23 - Reading, Berkshire, UK, Reading Festival. Eugene Kelly, ex-singer in the 'Vaselines', now of 'Captain America', is asked by Kurt to join the band on stage and sing 'Molly's Lips' with him. Before Kurt dives into the crowd, he speaks into David Markeys camera microphone, saying "this is known as the blues scale!". Video footage from this show features in the video for 'Lithium'. Kurt meets up with Courtney again, this time she is at the festival with her boyfriend Billy Corgan of the 'Smashing Pumpkins'. Steve Gullick takes photos of the band before and during the show for 'Melody Maker'. Stephen Sweet takes photos of the band backstage afterwards.

24 - Koln, Germany, Monster of Spex Festival. 'Nirvana' arrive late and miss their allocated slot time. Thurston Moore asks all of the remaining bands to cut their sets by 10 minutes to be able to let 'Nirvana' play.

25 - Hasselt, Belgium, Keiwit Pukkelpop Festival. 'Nirvana' is the first band to play at 11am.

27 - Bremen, Germany, Aladin. The 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' single is sent out to American radio stations.

28 - Halle, Germany. 'Sonic Youth' played.

29 - Stuttgart, Germany, Longhorn. Before the gig David Markey films Kurt and Kim Gordon on some railway tracks, outside Stuttgart. This footage is used at the beginning of the 'Sonic Youth' film, '1991: The Year Punk Broke'.

30 - Nurnberg, Germany, Serenadenhof. Kurt is filmed after their show (where Kurt said they played badly) walking through the theme park next to the outdoor venue that they had just played.

31 - The band arrive in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

1 - Rotterdam, Netherlands, De Doelen (Ein Abend In Wien Festival). Video footage from this show features in the video for 'Lithium'. The band are interviewed several times that afternoon in their hotel (the Hilton) for 'Oor' and 'Brabant Press'. Photographs are taken outside afterwards. Courtney is at this festival with Billy Corgan (the 'Smashing Pumpkin's are playing). Chris said at the time that Kurt was "flying on mushrooms".

3 - London, UK, Maida Vale Studios, studio 5 (Peel session). They record three songs: 'Dumb' / 'Drain You' / 'No Title As Yet', which was later named 'Endless, Nameless'.

4 - The band is photographed by Steve Gullick in Notting Hill for 'Siren' magazine.

9 - The 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' single is released in the UK.

10 - The 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' single is released in the US.

13 - Seattle, WA, Re-Bar. Record release party for 'Nevermind'. The band did not perform, with recorded music only being played. The party was shut down when the band started a food fight, having finished ripping down all the Nevermind posters. The band piled into a Limo and the party continued at Susie Tennant's house, the Geffen/DGC promo women (CAYA, p.192-93).

13 - KXRX interview in Seattle (HTH).

14 - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' debuts on '120 Minutes'.

16 - Seattle, WA, Beehive Record Store (now closed). Charles Petersen was present, taking photographs. He recalls of the show: "It was just the rawest show I'd ever seen them do. It was so amazing. It was so raw and powerful" (Gaar, Goldmine). Dylan Carlson was also there. The store is packed and the band is mobbed afterwards for autographs. Afterwards the band went to a bar and got drunk (CAYA, p.193).

20 - Toronto, Canada, The Opera House (1st date of 31 date US tour). Beginning of American 'Nevermind' tour. The Melvins joined the band on the East Coast and Canadian shows, Das Namen and Urge Overkill in the south and midwest and Sister Double Happiness on the West Coast. Kurt put his famous sticker on his guitar: "VANDALISM: BEAUTIFUL AS ROCK IN A COP'S FACE" ("Corn on the cops! Corn on the cops!). The tour manager was Monty Lee Wilkes and the monitor man Miles Kennedy.

21 - Montreal, Canada, Foufounes Électriques.

22 - Kurt St. Thomas, who later interviewed the band for the 'Nevermind, It's An Interview' CD has dinner with the band in the evening at a restaurant called Division 16 in Boston. He recalled it as one of his favourite NIRVANA moments when Krist smashed a cheeseburger in his face! Kurt goes to see the Melvins that evening. He meets Mary Lou Lord for the first time (HTH).

23 - Boston, MA, Axis Club ('WFNX' Birthday Bash). NIRVANA headline the show (with the Smashing Pumpkins and Bullet LaVolta as the opening acts). NIRVANA were booked to play this gig by Kurt St. Thomas, then Music Director of WFNX-FM, to celebrate the radio stations' 8th birthday. Before the show St. Thomas interviews the band live on air (but it was not taped by the station). It was a short and off the cuff interview. He asked Cobain why he spelt his name so many different ways to which he replied "I just learnt how to spell". He remembers that Cobain was being rather "cynical", whilst Krist and Dave were in higher spirits playing with balloons during the interview. After this interview the infamous naked Crisco twister stunt was performed for an MTV newscrew in a club opposite the Axis. The band and entourage decided to play twister for the cameras. Krist getting into the spirit stripped down to his shorts and covered himself in Crisco vegetable shortening. Krist however then proceeded to wipe this off him with an American flag. Krist was escorted from the club when an ex-marine and his well-built friends objected to this (CAYA, p.196-96). At the gig later that evening St. Thomas introduces the band on stage as "the greatest fucking band in the world". According to St. Thomas it was one of the best shows he saw them play. He remembers they opened with 'Aneurysm' and also played 'School', 'Come As You Are', 'In Bloom', 'Territorial Pissings' and 'Love Buzz'. Steve Gullick takes photos at the show. 'Nevermind' is released in the UK.

24 - Boston, MA, Axis Club. NIRVANA play here again because the show the previous night had been 21+ and they wanted those under 21 to be able to see them play. 'Nevermind' is released in the US, with 46,251 copies shipped across the country. Due to a pressing error the first 50,000 copies lack 'Endless Nameless', the secret track. The album debuts at #144 on the Billboard chart.

24 - Boston, MA, Axis Club (all ages show during the day). 'Nevermind' is released in the UK.

25 - Providence, RI, Club Babyhead.

26 - New Haven, CT, The Moon.

27 - Trenton, NJ, City Gardens. Stephen Apicella-Hitchcock takes photos.

28 - New York, NY, Tower Records. Nirvana's first know acoustic gig.

28 - New York, NY, Marquee Club. The 'Melvins' support. Kristin Callahan takes photos. According to Steve Gullick, who attends but does not take photographs, Kurt's guitar breaks at one point and he ends up in the audience singing along to Krist's and Dave's playing.

28 - Kurt is staying in the Roger Smith Hotel in NY (mary Lou Lord also stays) (HTH).

30 - Pittsburgh, PA, Graffiti's. A dispute about T-shirt sales meant that the band trashed their dressing room and left. Later Wilkes was faced with two agents of the city's arson squad about the setting light to a couch backstage, for which Nirvana were held responsible. He managed to convince them that Nirvana had left before it was started (CAYA, p.196).

1 - Philadelphia, PA, JC Dobbs.

2 - Washington, DC, 9:30 Club.

4 - Chapel Hill, NC, Cats Cradle.

5 - Athens, GA, 40 Watt Club. After the show the band refused to drive to Atlanta for a press day, but partied instead at Peter Buck's house, REM's guitarist. 'Nevermind' enters the UK chart at #36.

6 - Atlanta, GA, Masquerade.

8 - Memphis, TN, Omni, New Daisy Theatre. Someone who has spoken to a member of the security there that night was told that "Kurt was really fucked up" and that it probably wasn't taped.

9 - Columbus, OH, Staches.

10 - Cleveland, OH, The Empire.

11 - Detroit, MI, St. Andrew's Hall.

12 - Chicago, IL, Cabaret Metro. Butch Vig was present at the show. In Gaar's 1997 Goldmine article he is quoted as saying: "The buzz in the air was unbelievable. Kids were screaming and crying, and almost everyone already knew the lyrics. I was thinking, 'Wow, I might eventually have a gold record', and of course it went gold in a matter of weeks". The band totally destroy the drum set after the gig. Butch Vig goes to see the band for the first time since the recording sessions. Kurt and Courtney meet again, this is when their relationship starts. The band went to a bar afterwards and Kurt strenuously denies that they had sex against a wall in the bar. Instead they wrestled and threw glasses at one another. Courtney had a lot of lingerie with her, which Kurt decided to model. They got kicked out of the bar twice. In fact they had sex that night back in the hotel room Dave was sharing with Kurt. Dave left and slept in Craig Montgomery's room (CAYA, p.198-99). 'Nevermind' goes Gold.

14 - Minneapolis, MN, Let It Be Records. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is put in the 'Buzz Bin' rotation on daytime MTV.

14 - Minneapolis, MN, First Avenue Club. The band destroys most of its equipment at the end of the set.

16 - T Louis, MO, Mississippi Nights. As they had no time to buy new equipment, they have to borrow 'Urge Overkills'. Kurt invites the audience up on stage because so many people were stagediving. The owner called the police expecting a riot, but once the police had arrived Chris managed to get everyone back in their seats. The police made no arrests and even stayed and watched the show. The club stayed open late too so that they could finish their set.

17 - Lawrence, KS, Kansas Union Ballroom, University of Kansas.

19 - Dallas, TX, Trees Club. During 'Love Buzz', Kurt dives into the audience and as the crowd push him back onto the stage, one of the bouncers holds him by the hair and hits him. This was the bouncer's way of getting back at Kurt for smashing his friend's monitor board, which had been playing up (breaking his own favourite guitar in the process). Kurt retaliates by hitting him in the face with his guitar, inflicting a bloody wound. The bouncer starts to punch and kick Kurt and the gig stops for matters to calm down, with Krist restraining the bouncer. The set is then resumed (with a wooden palette over the monitor board to prevent Kurt releasing his frustrations on it again). After the gig the bouncer and some friends come after the band outside the venue and they escape by jumping into a taxi. When the taxi got caught in traffic one of the bouncer's friends smashed one of its windows in an attempt to grab Kurt. The cab was able to get away. Kurt had been ill that day with bronchitis and had been visited earlier by a doctor. Kurt was given antibiotic shots, but was not warned not to mix these with alcohol, which led him to go "insane" that evening. 'Nevermind' reached #109 on the Billboard chart (CAYA, p.200-201).

20 - Houston, TX, The Vatican.

21 - Austin, TX, Waterloo Records.

21 - Austin, TX, Liberty Lunch.

23 - Tempe, AZ, After The Goldrush.

24 - San Diego, CA, Off The Record (acoustic gig). Nirvana's last know gig in a record store.

24 - Tijuana, MX, Iguana's.

25 - Hollywood, CA, The Palace (Rock For Choice Benefit). Kurt and Krist tape their interview for 'Headbangers Ball', hosted by Ricky Rackman. In CAYA Kurt explained that he wasn't feeling too great that day: "I was sleeping just seconds before we aired. Courtney and I had just stayed up all night drinking and fucking, so I had about two hours of sleep". Kurt wore a yellow dress and sunglasses.

26 - San Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatre. 'L7' support.

27 - Hollywood, CA, The Palace. 'Hole' and Greg Sage support.

28 - Los Angeles, CA, The Palace.

29 - Portland, OR, Fox Theatre. 'Nevermind' goes gold. Tennant informed the band and was surpised that they didn't seem to care (CAYA, p.202). Wilkes is dropped as tour manager for the European leg.

30 - Vancouver, BC, Canada, Commodore Ballroom.

31 - Seattle, WA, Paramount Theatre. Video footage from this show features in the video for 'Lithium'. 'Mudhoney' and 'Bikini Kill' are also on the bill. It was filmed in its entirety by DGC. Azerrad in CAYA says "It may one day be edited into a full-length film".

? - 'Earth's' EP 'Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge' is released, featuring Kurt on guitar and background vocals. A video was also released, in a limited run of 100 hand-numbered copies, on which Kurt does not appear.

? - Following an attempt by a local Christian LA band also called Nirvana to stop the 90's Nirvana using their name, issuing a cease-and-desist order to TV and radio station playing Nirvana, the 90's Nirvana sued the LA band for $2 million. It went to court in Los Angeles in mid-October. The Christian group decided to sell its trademark for $50,000 and retract the cease-and-desist orders (CAYA, p.199)

1 - A gig is provisionally scheduled for Eindhoven Effenaar, but is cancelled.

2 - The band set off on their European tour and fly to Europe, having had one day's rest. 'Nevermind' enters the Top 40 at #35. Alex Macleod is the European tour manager.

4 - Bristol, UK, Bierkeller. Beginning of European 'Nevermind' tour.

5 - London, UK, Astoria Theatre.

6 - Wolverhampton, UK, Wulfrun Hall.

8 - London, UK, Channel Four Studios (The Word). 'Nirvana' perform 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', their first ever live TV performance. Kurt opens with the immortal statement, "I'd just like to say that Courtney Love, of the pop group 'Hole', is the best fuck in the world". Nirvana's first know performance on a TV show.

9 - London, UK, Maida Vale Studios, studio 4 (Mark Goodier evening session). They record 'Been A Son' / (new wave) 'Polly' / 'Aneurysm' / 'Something In The Way' (an electric version). 'Been A Son', 'Polly' and 'Aneurysm' appear on 'Incesticide'.

10 - Berlin, Germany, Loft.

11 - Hamburg, Germany, Markthalle.

12 - Frankfurt, Germany, Batchkapp.

13 - Munich, Germany, Nachtwerk.

14 - Vienna, Austria, Arena. Endino was present and his band, 'Skin Yard', opened for 'Nirvana'.

16 - Muggia, Italy Teatro Verdi.

17 - Mezzago, Italy, Bloom.

18 - Turin, Italy, Studio 2 (cancelled due to a petrol strike in the city).

19 - Rome, Italy, Il Castello. The show is filmed for Italian TV.

20 - Baricella, Italy, Kryptonite.

21 - Bologna, Palasport (not too sure about this gig).

23 - Ghent, Belgium, Vooruit. As Krist and Kurt smash their guitars a splinter flies into the face of a fan in the crowd and he loses a tooth. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' reaches #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart.

24 - 'Hole' play at Nijmegen Doornroosje. Courtney asks members of the audience during their set if she could hitch a lift to Amsterdam. 'Nirvana' were originally scheduled to play at the Melkweg, but this is later changed to the Paradiso for the following day. 'Nirvana' arrive in Amsterdam and stay at the Museum Hotel. Courtney arrives early in the morning.

25 - Hilversum, Netherlands, NOB Radio Studio (2 Meter Sessie). They record three songs in the studio: 'Here She Comes Now' (which was broadcast on VARA-FM 'Twee Meter de Lucht In' on 26th November) / 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night' (which was broadcast on VPRO on 27th November). They also recorded one other song that they made up as they went along, but were so unsatisfied with the end result that they refused to let it be broadcast.

25 - Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paradiso. The show is filmed in its entirety by VPRO-TV. About the show Endino in Gaar's 1997 Goldmine article says: "In Amsterdam, he [Kurt] wasn't doing too good. It was a really weird show. Kurt was really pissed off; there were all these people with cameras and movie cameras on the stage, and he was a little out of tune and he was very angry at these cameras: 'Get the hell off my stage!'. And backstage he was really uneasy, he looked really pale. Everybody seemed to be really uneasy and very unhappy. Like suddenly the success was starting to bother them because people were starting to come at them. Suddenly people wouldn't leave them alone". Chris and Dave are interviewed by VPRO for a TV special. Chris is then interviewed for 'Volkskrant' magazine, while Dave is being interviewed for 'Music Maker' magazine. After the show Dave has another interview this time by 'Oor' magazine.

26 - Bradford, UK, Bradford University.

27 - Nevermind goes Gold. Nevermind goes Platinum.

27 - Birmingham, UK, The Hummingbird.

27 - London, UK, BBC Studios (Top Of The Pops). The band record their appearance for 'Top of the Pops'. Originally the BBC insisted that the band mime their parts (singing and playing). After negotiation Kurt is allowed to sing his part live, which he does in a falsetto voice, whilst the rest of the band mime their parts (ridiculously!). The producers asked Kurt to sing his part again, but he said that he was happy with the way it sounded.

28 - Sheffield, UK, Octagon Centre, Sheffield University. At the gig the band talk of their disastrous TV appearance the day before and at the same time 'Top of the Pops' is screened.

29 - Edinburgh, UK, Calton Road Studios.

30 - Glasgow, UK, Queen Margaret Union, University of Glasgow.

? - 'Mexican Seafood' from the 01/23/88 studio session is re-released on 'C/Z's' compilation 'Teriyaki Asthma Vol. I-V', compiling all five EPs in the series. The vinyl version was limited to a run of 2,000.

1 - Edinburgh, UK, Southern Bar. Acoustic set in aid of a local children's hospital.

2 - Newcastle, UK, Mayfair.

3 - Nottingham, UK, Rock City. The show is filmed by Japanese TV.

4 - Manchester, UK, The Academy.

5 - London, UK, Kilburn National Ballroom. 'Shonen Knife' also played.

6 - London, UK, Channel 4 Studios (The Jonathon Ross Show). The band were scheduled to play 'Lithium' but played an aggressive version of 'Territorial Pissings' instead without telling the producers. According to CAYA Kurt and Courtney decided to get married the day before the Trans-Musicales Festival in Rennes.

7 - Rennes, France, Salles Omnisport (Transmusicales Festival). 9,000 people were at this show. Opened with a cover of the Who's "Baba O'Riley", with Dave on lead vocals. The band decided to cancel the rest of the European tour (scheduled to go to Switzerland) and return home because of general exhaustion.

9 - Belfast, Ireland, Conor Hall (cancelled). The press released a statement stated "Kurt Cobain was rendered virtually mute with a viral throat infection".

10 - Dublin, Ireland, McGonagles (cancelled). 'Soundscan' reports that 'Nevermind' is selling 30,000 units per week.

11 - Helsinki, Finland, Lepakko (cancelled).

12 - Bergen, Norway, La Garage (cancelled).

13 - Oslo, Norway, Alaska (cancelled).

14 - Stockholm, Sweden, Melody (cancelled).

? - Kurt and Courtney were living with Eric Erlandson, but he threw them out due to their alleged heroin habits. They bounce from hotel to hotel. Krist and Shelli were able to buy a $265,000 house outright as the royalty cheques were now coming in.

? - Krist leads a march and petition drive at the state capitol building in Olympia opposing Bill 2554 which would jail record store owners from selling music deemed 'erotic'.

21 - Kurt goes to see the Pixies in Portland (HTH).

22 - Courtney arrives in Seattle and meets Kurt's mother for the first time (HTH).

27 - Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles Sports Arena (1st of 4 shows supporting the 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers' and 'Pearl Jam'). Start of short US tour.

28 - San Diego, CA, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Pat O'Brien Pavilion.

29 - Tempe, AZ, ASU Activity Centre.

31 - San Francisco, CA, Cow Palace. 'Pearl Jam' also played.