? - Kurt records some demos on a 4-track recorder. He records 'Cracker' (an early version of 'Polly') / 'Sad' (an early version of 'Sappy') / 'Spectre' (AKA 'Misery Loves Company' / 'Seed') / 'Clean Up Before She Comes' / 'Beans' / 'Bambi Slaughter' (and others?).

2-3 - The band rehearse for the forthcoming demo session.

9-10 - The band rehearse again for the forthcoming demo session.

16-17 - The band rehearse for the last time before the forthcoming studio session.

22 - The band meet Eric Harder, the owner of an electronic store in Aberdeen (the 'Radio Shack') and discuss a video shoot that they are going to do in his shop after hours, the day after they have recorded their demos.

23 - Record 'Ted Ed Fred' demos. They record and mix 10 songs in six hours (12.00-18.00) at Reciprocal Recording Studios in Seattle with Jack Endino, at a total cost of $152.44 (Endino only charged them for five hours). Because Krist was out of work Kurt paid the bill with the money he earned as a janitor. The band took home a quick mix and after-hours Endino made his own mix.

23 - Tacoma, WA, Community World Theatre (as 'Ted Ed Fred'). Crover got them the gig. Eric Harder drives the band up to the venue. The recently surfaced video comes from this show and not December 1987.

24 - Aberdeen, WA, Radio Shack video shoot. Eric Harder has cleared an area in front of the VCR's for the band to mime to their recently recorded demos. They definitely recorded versions for 'If You Must' and 'Paper Cuts'.

? - The 1/23/88 demo is sent out to several record companies, like 'Touch & Go', 'SST' and 'Alternative Tentacles'.

? - Jack Endino gives a copy of the demo to Bruce Pavitt and Jonathon Poneman of 'Sub Pop Records'. On the strength of the demo they go to see Nirvana at the Central Tavern in Seattle.

? - Tacoma, WA. Played with Chad's band 'Tick Dolly Row'. The Nirvana drummer at this time is Dave Foster. Played as 'Bliss'.

? - Change name to 'Nirvana' after going through 'Throat Oyster', 'Pen Cap Chew', 'Skid Row', 'Windowframe', 'Ted Ed Fred' and 'Bliss'.

? - An advert is put in the Seattle free newspaper 'The Rocket' for a new drummer: "heavy light punk rock band: Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Scratch Acid, Butthole Surfers, seeks drummer". Chad Channing is one of the replies.

19 - Tacoma, WA, Community World Theatre (with 'Lush' supporting). Dale Crover has moved to San Francisco with Buzz Osborne of the 'Melvins'. Dave Foster replaces him on drums.

? - Tacoma, WA, house party (with Dave Foster on drums).

? - Bruce Pavitt and Jonathon Poneman join forces to establish 'Sub Pop' Records, pooling $43,000. Sub Pop was formed in its earliest manifestation back in the fall of 1979 when Bruce Pavitt, a student at Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, started 'Subterranean Pop', a photocopied fanzine. By the summer of 1983 16 issues had been produced and three compilation cassettes put out. The fanzine (by now retitled 'Sub Pop') ends and debuts as a column in Seattle's 'The Rocket'. Then Pavitt and Poneman ally.

24 - Seattle, WA, The Vogue (Sub Pop Sunday - first Seattle gig). Poneman got the band this show. Charles Peterson is in the audience and recalls that there were about twenty people in attendance (CAYA, p.76). He is so unimpressed that he doesn't take any photographs and asks Poneman if he really wanted to sign them. Poneman was not particularly impressed either and Kurt later said "We totally sucked. We fucked it up" (CAYA, p.76). Mark Arm was also there checking out this new band which was causing such a fuss. The P.A. malfunctions and the band play badly.

? - Olympia, WA, Evergreen State College (Chad was in audience).

? - Dave Foster gets into a fight and ends up in jail for two weeks. Aaron Burckhard steps back into the band and he practises with them (using Dave Foster's drum kit). Aaron doesn't last more than a few rehearsals. He was arrested on a drink driving charge (using Kurt's car) and for Kurt he didn't appear committed enough to the band.

? - Chad Channing is enrolled into the band after being the drummer in 'Tick Dolly Row'.

? - The band are interviewed by Dawn Anderson for 'Backlash'.

? - Seattle, WA, The Vogue (Chad Channing's 1st gig on drums).

? - The band rehearse with Chad at Chris' house, where they had made a basic soundproof rehearsal space in the basement.

? - Olympia, WA, Evergreen State College.

? - Seattle, WA, Central Tavern (a Saturday, either 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th). Poneman got the band this gig. Nobody turns up so the band don't play.

? - A meeting is arranged between the band and Jonathon Poneman and Bruce Pavitt.

? - The band meet with the 'Sub Pop' duo at Seattle's Café Roma, a small restaurant. Chris is drunk and insults everyone in the process.

5 - Seattle, WA, Central Tavern.

? - Portland, OR, Satryicon (billed as 'Nir Vona', supporting 'Mudhoney').

11 - Record at Reciprocal Studios with Jack Endino for 5 hours. They record 'Love Buzz' / 'Big Cheese' / 'Spank Thru' / 'Blandest'. The band weren't happy with the version of 'Blandest' (which was going to be the B-side to the single), so they instructed Jack Endino to tape over it, which he did, intending to re-record it at a later date.

15 - Seattle, WA, The Vogue. According to Jack Endino, this show was canceled.

17 - Ellensburg, WA, Hal Holmes Centre.

29 - Seattle, WA, Moore Theatre (Sub Pop Lame Fest).

30 - Record 'About A Girl' again because Poneman didn't like the vocals and finish the overdubs on the June 11th recordings at Reciprocal Studios with Jack Endino.

?/JULY - Ben Shepherd (ex 'Tick Dolly Row') rehearses as the band's second guitarist. He doesn't play any gigs.

3 - Seattle, WA, The Vogue (Sub Pop Sunday). Play with 'Blood Circus'.

3 - Tacoma, WA, Community World Theatre.

10 - Seattle, WA, Comet Tavern.

16 - 'Love Buzz' and 'Big Cheese' are finished and are ready to release.

23 - Seattle, WA, Central Tavern. Supporting the 'Chemistry Set' and the 'Leaving Trains'. This show was cancelled as nobody turned up to see any of the bands.

30 - Seattle, WA, Squid Row Tavern.

? - The first published interview with 'Nirvana' is printed in 'Backlash'.

? - Alice Wheeler, a local photographer, does a session with the band, taking photographs in the Tacoma area (in a public park called Never Never Land). The picture taken under the Tacoma Narrows bridge is used on the cover of the 'Love Buzz' single. According to Gaar's 1997 Goldmine article, Wheeler used about eight rolls of film and was paid $25. The pictures are 'fuzzy' because they are infra-red.

29 - Seattle, WA, The Vogue.

? - Chris and Shelli split up temporarily.

27 - 'Spank Thru' from the Reciprocal demo in January is remixed for the 'Sub Pop 200' release.

? - 'Sub Pop Singles Club' is formed. For an annual subscription of $35 members received a limited edition single through the mail. Although these limited edition singles were only supposed to be available to members early singles (including 'Love Buzz/Big Cheese') were available through mail order for only $3.50.

30 - Olympia, WA, Evergreen State College (dorm party). Kurt smashes his first guitar. Tracy Marander takes photographs.

31 - Seattle, WA, Union Station (Halloween party). The band play 'Big Long Now' (28th?).

17 - The printing work for the 'Bleach' LP cover is finished by 'Secord Printing' in Redmond, Washington. The total cost invoiced is $248.

? - 'Love Buzz' b/w 'Big Cheese' single is released in the US, launching the 'Sub Pop Singles Club'. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl. 'Sub Pop' at this time were also putting out EPs and singles for 'Soundgarden', 'Tad' and 'Green River', leading the 'grunge revolution'.

23 - Bellingham, WA, Speedy O'Tubbs Rhythmic Underground.

? - Ellensburgh, WA.

26 - The band play a show on this evening, but it is unknown where.

1 - Seattle, WA, Hollywood Underground.

? - The band rehearse for a week in the room above Chris' mothers hair salon in preparation for recording the album. They finish writing the remaining songs that will end up on the finished version.

21 - Hoquiam, WA, Hoquiam Eagles Lodge. The show is filmed by Dana James Bong. Chris plays part of the set in just his underpants whilst Kurt has his neck painted red.

21 - Aberdeen, WA, Pourhouse (after Hoquiam gig). Kurt and Chris do Beatles covers and pass the hat at the end of the evening. They raise $11.

24 - The band start the recording for their debut album with Jack Endino at Reciprocal Recording Studios. The band record for five hours but only manage to complete one song ('Blew') that had unfinished lyrics. For this first day the band tune their guitars too low by accident. They thought that they were tuning to D when in fact tuning down to C. They record 4 or 5 songs including 'Swap Meet'.

28 - Seattle, WA, Hollywood Underground (Sub Pop 200 release party).

29 - The band go back into Reciprocal Studios and record another five tracks, including 'Sifting' (instrumental version).

? - The December version of 'Spank Thru' is released on the 'Sub Pop 200' compilation in the US and UK. Limited to 5,000 copies.

? - Opened for 'Butthole Surfers'.