? - Kurt auditions for the 'Melvins', but is unsuccessful: CAYA, p.31, "I totally botched it. I was so nervous that I forgot all the songs. I just stood there with my guitar and played feedback with a blushed face".

? - In the summer of this year Dave Grohl joins his first band, 'Freak Baby'. They record a cassette at the Laundry Room Studios in Arlington, Virginia. Dave later switches to drums in the band and they change their name to 'Mission Impossible'. They break up in 1985, having only released one split-single with 'Lunchmeat'. Dave then forms the band 'Brain Damage', who record one album, 'I Scream Not Coming Down', which was distributed in small quantities. Dave joins 'Scream' in 1987 and appears on their fourth album, 'No More Censorship'. (Gaar, Goldmine).

? - Kurt's mother remarries.

25 - Kurt, Buzz and Matt Lukin go to see 'Black Flag' in Seattle at the Mountaineer Club. Kurt sold his record collection, raising $12 to buy his ticket (CAYA, p.33). He was turned onto punk rock.


1 - Kurt starts work at the YMCA (HTH).

11 - Kurt drops out of school, weeks before he is due to graduate. He didn't have enough credits to graduate when remedial classes didn't work out (being two years-worth behind) and didn't want to go through summer school to catch up.

1 - Jesse Reed and Kurt move into 404 North Michigan Street, Aberdeen (Kurt writes songs like Spam and Class of 85 here) (HTH).

23 - Kurt arrested by detective Michael Bens for graffitiing walls on Aberdeen seafirst Bank building. He receives a $180 fine and a 30 day suspended sentence after writing "Ain't got no how whatchamacallit" (HTH).

? - Olympia, WA, GESSCO Hall. Kurt's first gig. They play under the name 'Brown Towel'. This was incorrectly spelt as 'Brown Cow' on the poster! Kurt recites poetry over improvised music played by Dale Crover and Buzz Osbourne of the 'Melvins'. Kurt meets Dylan Carson and Slim Moon for the first time after the gig as they were in the audience and are impressed enough to chat to Kurt afterwards.

? - Kurt (guitar), Dale Crover (bass) and Greg Hokanson (drums) rehearse as 'Fecal Matter'. They play a number of gigs, including some supporting the 'Melvins'.

? - 'Fecal Matter' record a demo at Kurt's Aunt Mari's (Mari Fradenburg) house in Seattle on her TEAC 4-track recorder. The band for this recording are Kurt, Dale and Greg. 'Downer' is supposedly recorded.

? - 'Fecal Matter' record their second demo tape at Kurt's Aunt Mari's house on her TEAC 4-track recorder. They record 7 Cobain-penned originals. Recording these demos are Kurt and Dale Crover, along with Matt Lukin on on drums.

? - Moclips, WA, Spot Club (as 'Fecal Matter' supporting the 'Melvins').


? - Buzz Osbourne comes in on bass and fellow 'Melvin' Mike Dillard drums for a while. The project slowly peters out due to lack of interest and eventually dissolves until 'Fecal Matter' are no more.

8 - The 'Melvins' record their first LP in Seattle.

? - Chris and Shelli move to Phoenix to look for work.

18 - Kurt arrested for trespassing and alcohol possession by a minor. Arrested at 618 West Market Aberdeen Kurt stays in jail for 8 days, due to an unpaid fine (HTH).

1 - Kurt and Matt move into 10001/2 East Second St, Aberdeen. Wendy loans Kurt $200 (HTH).

? - Chris and Shelli move back to Aberdeen six months later.

? - Kurt and Chris start playing together in a band, that has no name as such, in the winter of 1986, with Robert McFadden on drums. Robert lasts a month before leaving.

? - Kurt and Chris then rehearse as a duo (still without a name). They sometimes have Dale Crover helping out on drums, whilst at other times Mike Dillard takes over the drumming duties, but the band doesn't amount to much and another project slowly disappears.

? - Kurt and Chris get back together for a band called the 'Stiff Woodies'. The 'Stiff Woodies' played once in 1986 at the Pourhouse in Aberdeen, WA. They also had a song called 'Vaseline and Gasoline'.

? - Rehearse as the 'Sellouts' (a Credence Clearwater Revival cover band) with Kurt on drums, Chris Novoselic on guitar and vocals and Steve Newman on bass (who later lost his fingers in a chainsaw accident). Rehearse at Chris and Shelli's house. Had four or five rehearsals (CAYA, p.55).

? - Steve Newman is out of the band due to an argument with Kurt. Kurt and Chris rehearse as a duo, now with Kurt on guitar and vocals, Chris on bass and Robert McFadden on drums for rehearsals. They are still called the 'Sellouts'. This lasts for around a month.


? - Kurt roadies for the Melvins (HTH).

? - Kurt goes to see Big Black in Seattle at a Steamplant (HTH).

? - Aaron Burckhard is enrolled on drums (January or February).

February or March - Raymond, WA, Grays Harbour County House party (first gig - was this closed down?).

? - Raymond, house party.

? - Tacoma, WA, Community World Theatre (a converted porno theatre). The band appears as 'Skid Row'. They got the gig through Tracy Marander, who knew the owner (Jim May). Kurt wears satin trousers and sparkle platform boots during 'Love Buzz'. Tracy Marander takes photos (CAYA, p.61).

? - Olympia, WA, GESSCO Hall (1st proper gig?). Appear as 'Skid Row' on the closing night. The line up for the band is still Kurt, Chris and Aaron Burckhard. The set included 'Floyd the Barber' / 'Spank Thru' / 'Aero Zeppelin' / 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves'. According to CAYA there were perhaps ten people at the show. Tracy Marander is present and takes photographs.

? - 6 months after moving back to Aberdeen, Chris and Shelli move to Hoquiam.

17 - Olympia, WA, Evergreen State College, KAOS-FM Radio. The band (as 'Skid Row') play a live set on this midnight radio broadcast and use the recording as their demo tape to circulate. Kurt got the gig after befriending a DJ through attending Melvins gigs (CAYA, p.61).

? - Krist and Shelli live with Kurt and Tracy Marander in a little studio apartment.

? - A 14 year old girl is kidnapped, raped and tortured in Tacoma, WA, by Gerald Friend. She eventually escapes while he stopped at a petrol station. He is eventually arrested and jailed. It is from a news story about this incident on which Kurt bases the song 'Cracker', later to be retitled as 'Polly'. Kurt's only alteration to the story was that the women got away by making the rapist think she enjoyed what he was doing (CAYA, p.218).

? - The band do a gig at a party in Washington State. They play 'Downer' / 'Aerozeppelin' / 'If You Must' / 'Heartbreaker' / 'How Many More Times' / 'Mexican Seafood' / 'Pen Cap Chew' / 'Spank Thru' / 'Hairspray Queen'. (NB. this could be the 8/87 party).

? - Olympia, WA. House party (?).

? - Kurt moves in with Tracy Marander at 114 North Pear Street, Olympia. He was about to be evicted from his home. The rent was $137 a month (CAYA, p.62). Their neighbours are Dylan and Slim.

? - Kurt places an advert in the 'Rocket': "serious drummer wanted, underground attitude, Black Flag, Melvins, Zeppelin, Scratch Acid, Ethel Merman, versatile as heck. Kurdt 352-0992".

? - Dale Crover joins the band on drums. He then organises some studio time for January.