A Guide to Procuring Bootlegs Around the World

The law is clear in most parts of the world: it is illegal to sell bootlegs. People who sell bootlegs, according to Krist Novoselic, are "pedophiles who support murder in the third world and torture children." Sadly, this facetious description is often accurate - most professional bootleggers are in it for the money. Many started off with a love of the music, but are now hard-nosed mercenary opportunists.

When we buy a bootleg, we are making a conscious (or not so conscious) decision to support some rather shady dealings - it is true that some bootleg labels had (have?) links to organised crime, drug-pushers, terrorism and all sorts of unsavoury things.

This section is a small guide to aid you in your quest for buying bootlegs around the world. I am going to devote most attention to buying original [silver] bootlegs, since CDRs can be homemade by anyone with a burner.

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2. Web Auctions
3. Trading
4. Shops and Stalls Around the World
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