IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS: Kurt's Last Day (A Fictional Account)

(Very strange, yet beautiful story)

The sun broke the clouds. It was a pleasent day in Seattle, one the residents looked forward to. It was a wonderful departure from the grey, chilly days of late winter. Neighbors took advantage of the blessing and did yardwork, took their kids to the park, and did just about anything outside. A figure was shuffling through the park. He watched the children playing, screaming. He smiled at the thought of his kid, and wished she were here to revel in the enjoyment of the other youngsters. He found himself a bench and observed all the goings on. The mothers scolding their littuns for fighting, not sharing. Funny, he thought, how people have to teach their children to say "please" and "thank you" but jealousy and hatred came naturally.

The man sighed as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He took off the bulky jacket and his whole body released a sigh of relief. The stifling heat normally wouldn't bother him, but today he felt good, calm. Thoughts of music ran through his head. A Devo song from years past worked it's way into his brain. He contemplated what he was having for dinner, felt like pizza. The man knew he was too lazy to cook. That he would order out, and the delivery boy would stare the stare of stardom. He was beginning to understand the delivery boy and people like him.

As he took out another cigarette, he noticed a small crowd gathering around the swingset. Staring, whispering the voices of celebrity. He was a big star. And somehow, he enjoyed it. He sheepeshly waved to them and smiled. He began to get up. Slowly at first, his legs were tired. He worked his way over to the small crowd and conversed with them. Most of them didn't talk, waited for the man to speak. A little scared, and yet, jumping for joy. The man saw himself in some of the boys' eyes. He recognized the spirit, the love for what the man did. They asked for no autographs, and for that, he was happy. He bid his farewells and as quickly as the man came, he shuffled back to his house, with thoughts of pizza and Devo running through his brain. And the sun was still shining........

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