Penny Royal Tea
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t y p e   Promo
l a b e l   Geffen
c a t a l o g  #   NIRPRO
f o r m a t   CD
l e n g t h    
m a d e  i n   United Kingdom
r e l e a s e d  i n   United Kingdom
r e l e a s e d   1994

q u a n t i t y
a v a i l a b i l i t y
  Out of print.

t r a c k l i s t
  1. Penny Royal Tea

c r e d i t s
  (P) 1994 Geffen Records, Inc.
1994 Geffen Records, Inc.

Original sound recordings owned by Geffen Records, Inc.   MCA Records LTD. are the exclusive licensees for the UK.

Published by The End Of The Music/EMI Virgin Music Ltd.
Original version of PENNY ROYAL TEA from the Geffen album, cassette and compact disc IN UTERO (GEF/GEC/GED 24536)

n o t e s
  Although there are several printing errors, this item seems to be a very rare official promo.*  Also, it was featured in the 12/98 issue of Record Collector.

Here's a list of the errors/irregularities:

  • · "Penny Royal" is apparently an accectable spelling in the UK, though here in the U.S. I've always seen it written as one word, "Pennyroyal."

    · "The End Of The Music" should be "The End Of Music."

    · "Virgin Music Ltd." (Isn't it "Virgin Music Inc." on most other items?)

No inserts came with the disc.

Comments by Duncan:

  • "I thought you might find interesting a conversation I had with a bloke over the weekend about the Pennyroyal Tea UK CD promo.  He seemed to have the knowledge about many things which added some evidence to his story about the CD and 7".  He said that the only reason the CD survived destruction was because it was faulty, not for the title 'Penny Royal' but for the music publishers 'The end of the music,' an initial batch were pressed the faults noted and a new batch were ordered, the bad batch were left on a shelf, just before the new batch were to be made Kurt died and the whole thing cancelled.  Because the 7" were approved test pressings they were easily traced and destroyed on site, hence no 7".  The German PRT single was to be used in the whole of Europe, there was not going to be a separate UK CD as per previous releases.  There were apparently some CD acetates of PRT promo.

    "It is an interesting thought that the promo CD would have been very collectable even if Kurt had not died, simply because the early batch was made with a printing error.  True or not, an interesting story."

* Many people have expressed serious doubts that this is in fact official.  While the errors are substantial, the reasons for them are plausible and may have been reported in Record Collector.  While that magazine is not perfect, that would lend some credence to this item's status.  Then again, it may all be a clever hoax designed with the sole pupose of inflating a pirate CD's value.

m a t r i x

s o u r c e s
  Alli, Joris Baas, Kevin D., Duncan Eyers, Shawn Turner


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