LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology June 15, 1991 - Iguana's, Tijuana, MX

    • Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
    • Krist Novoselic (bass)
    • Dave Grohl (drums, backing vocals)
  • Craig Montgomery (tour manager & sound engineer)
  • Fineline Entertainment
    • Harlan Schiffman
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Dinosaur Jr. Showtime
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  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Territorial Pissings

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AMT #1

It is rumored that the show was recorded.

  • At the end of the concert Kurt Cobain smashed a guitar.
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Handbill/Flyer, designed by Kathy H. Handbill/Flyer, designed by unknown Ticket Advert Advert
Photo by April Star Davis Photo by April Star Davis