LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology February 17, 1990 - Iguana's, Tijuana, MX

    • Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
    • Krist Novoselic (bass)
    • Chad Channing (drums)
  • No Info
  • Fineline Entertainment
    • Harlan Schiffman
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  1. No Info
  1. Love Buzz
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. Scoff
  4. Spank Thru
  5. About A Girl
  6. Breed
  7. Been A Son
  8. Stain
  9. Negative Creep
  10. Blew
  11. School
AMT #1
Unknown > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
VHS(4) > MiniDV(2) > DVDR
Length / Sound Quality:
33 min / 7.0
• Multi-camera video with open mic audio.
• "Love Buzz", "Breed" cut's in and the recording cuts out during the end noise.
• The audio on "School," which was placed as the first song on this video, is overdubbed from Bleach.
• Some footage from the "Breed" guitar solo is also used during the "School" guitar solo.
• It may have been planned to make a music video out of it.
• Also it seems unlikely, from analysing the video, that "School" really was the first song played.
• It may well be that the circulating video has been edited and is incomplete given the odd song order.

No Info

  • After "Scoff" Kurt Cobain smashed (again) his pink home-made mustang. (Although he smashed it beyond repair the previous night)
  • At the end of the concert Kurt Cobain smashed his blue Gibson SG beyond repair.
  • No Info
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