LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology January 19, 1990 - Rignall Hall, Olympia, WA, US

    • Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
    • Krist Novoselic (bass)
    • Chad Channing (drums)
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  • Reko Muse Gallery & Events
    • Jon Snyder
    • Brad Sweek
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  1. Scoff
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. Love Buzz
  4. Dive
  5. Polly
  6. About A Girl
  7. School
  8. Sappy
  9. Molly's Lips
  10. Spank Thru
  11. Breed
AMT #1 incomplete
Built In > Panasonic PV-330
Lowest Generation:
Length / Sound Quality:
17 min / 7.5
Amateur video, shot from the left side of the stage, surfaced in December 2011.
Includes "Scoff" (includes only the very beginning), "Floyd The Barber" (cuts in), "Love Buzz" (cuts in), "Dive" (cuts in), "Polly' (cuts in and cuts out), "About A Girl" (cuts in), "Sappy" (cuts in) and "Spank Thru" (cuts in, cut within and cuts out).
Has some special effects.

It is not known if there are other sources.

  • The handwritten setlist simply says "D Songs" at the end, referring to songs in drop-D tuning, likely including at least "Been A Son," "Negative Creep," and "Blew."
  • As a joke costume, Kurt used stage blood to draw needle marks on his arms.
  • Krist wore an old-lady-style dress and was drinking from a jug of wine.
  • The crowd was very intense. Some people in the audience were even swinging from the overhead pipes.
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Handbill/Flyer, designed by Calvin Johnson Handbill/Flyer, designed by Calvin Johnson Handwritten setlist
Unknown photographer Unknown photographer Unknown photographer Screencap of AMT #1 Screencap of AMT #1