LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology November 22, 1989 - U4, Vienna, AT

  • Band project name
    • Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
    • Krist Novoselic (bass, vocals)
    • Chad Channing (drums)
  • Tad Doyle (guitar)
  • Edwin Heath (tour manager)
  • Craig Montgomery (sound engineer)
  • Karin Löffler
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TAD Showtime
NIRVANA Showtime
  1. No Info
  1. School
  2. Scoff
  3. Love Buzz
  4. Floyd The Barber
  5. Dive
  6. BREAK
  7. About A Girl
  8. Spank Thru
  9. Big Cheese
  10. Sappy
  11. Breed
  12. Been A Son
  13. Negative Creep
  14. Blew
  15. ENCORE
  16. Vendetagainst Doyle on guitar
AUD #1
Unknown > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
Length / Sound Quality:
61 min / 8.5
Circulated in March 2013.
It has a 5-second dropout in the right channel during 'Spank Thru' and 'Negative Creep' cuts in due to a tape flip.
SBD #1a
Soundboard > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
FM > CDR(1) > FLAC
Length / Sound Quality:
49 min / 9.5
Lower quality and Post-FM soundboard source that was broadcasted by the radio (aired 09/24/01) and recorded directly to WAV from the radio and then transferred to CDR.
This source includes Cobain's opening banter about his guitar and his screaming intro, which is missing from SBD #1b.
Whilst this source is technically complete, containing all the songs and the opening banter/screams, there has been considerable editing between the tracks, cutting out band banter/noises between virtually every song.
Also unfortunately this radio broadcast was in mono.
SBD #1b incomplete
Soundboard > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
Unofficial CD [Smells Like Nirvana] > FLAC
Length / Sound Quality:
57:40 min / 10
Higher quality and Pre-FM soundboard source.
Missing Cobain's opening dialogue about his guitar, the screaming intro, the very first song ("School") and some announcer banter after "Blew" about T-shirts being on sale.
All other songs and between-song banter are present.
AMT #1

The venue usually video taped shows there, so Nirvana's set may have been taped.

  • Krist got involved with a bunch of drunks in the audience who were disrespecting women, prompting him to give a long speech about how he is a girl and a brief attempt at singing The Who's "I'm A Boy."
  • Tad Doyle played guitar on "Vendetagainst", the song was normally played without guitar.
  • No Info
Handbill/Flyer, designed by unknown Handwritten setlist Advert Nirvana's tour itinerary Nirvana's tour itinerary Nirvana's tour itinerary Advert Advert Handbill/Flyer, designed by unknown
Photo by Karin Löffler Photo by Karin Löffler Photo by Karin Löffler Photo by Václav Matěj Photo by Václav Matěj Photo by A. Kremer